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03 October 2006

Baker's Dozen Plus Two

Amira AKA Ha Ana Za! decided to tag me here, and here you are my 15 favourite items.

01. Blogging
02. Programming
03. Photography
04. Cinema
05. Drawing

Oh God, fifteen is too much...

06. Chocolate
07. Music
08. Having a conversation with someone I like
09. Jogging
10. Going to places I've never been to before

Come on, fiften is really too much...

11. Reading *Not Books*
12. Football (Soccer)
13. Swimming
14. Morning Nescafe

Forteen is enough for today.

Now, let's Tag some other bloggers
Ok, I'll tag the last fifteen persons who left comments here
Miss Mabrouk, Layal, Mechanical Crowds, Giancarlo (a spammer), Epitaph, Wonderer, Me2, Madeeha, Sharks, Shirazi, Sha3'af, Naomi, Liz Henry, Faisal Hussein, Forsoothsayer

Update, I was tagged by Nesreen too.

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  1. How can I forget Chocolate ... :D,
    But no Mr. you still have to think of the 15th, just think :)

  2. How about "receiving a comment from Nesreen" as number fifteen?

  3. Thanks ya Tarek, it's so sweet of you.. .(I liked that compliment :D)

  4. Thanks for taking part Tarek- I've finally taken action on your tag. Bas ya3ni....what happened to my anonymity!?!

  5. oooooooooh my tag is spreading this is so exciting for me!!!!

  6. thanks but tagging is a bit too much like forwards for my liking :)

  7. Oh, my gosh! I didn't know I was tagged. That's what I get for being away, I guess.

    Hmmm. I've got to think about this stuff. Thanks for thinking of me - I think. :)