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28 October 2006

Free Hugs Campaign

"The Free Hugs Campaign appears to have begun in 2004, and was widely publicized in 2006 by a music video. It involves individuals who offer hugs to strangers in public settings. The campaign is an example of a random act of kindness, a selfless act performed by someone for the sole reason of making others feel better. The original organizer has stated in interviews that the purpose is not to get names, phone numbers, or dates.", Wikipedia.

Now back to the Egyptian Blogosphere Meme, about the incident reported by Malek. "On October 23rd and 24th, large crowds of men sexually harassed women in the streets of downtown Cairo", MechanicalCrowds.
So, it seems that there are horny people everywhere, but some came out with the "Fee Hugs Campaign" idea, and others preferred to attack every single female in the street trying to touch an inch or two of her body.
As I said in a previous post, "The Middle Eastern society is changing into a Hybrid society, with a mix and match characteristics the Western society and the original Middle-Eastern one".

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