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23 October 2006

The Netscaping of Symantec and McAfee

Here you are, a copy-n-paste post from Slashdot.
"I mention Netscape because, if you believe Symantec and McAfee, a similar situation is about to unfold within the security industry. Microsoft, again recognizing late that it had failed to seize upon this thing called security, is now about to bundle its own security solutions within Windows Vista and further enforce new security policies that lock out some third-party security solutions altogether. Vendors Symantec and McAfee have looked into the future and realized that people may one day speak of them in the way that we now speak reverently of the early builds of Netscape", By RS232.
But let me add something here, yes windows killed Netscape by integrating their web browser - Internet Explorer - into their operating system, but what about Firefox. The free open-source browser Firefox is eating of Microsoft's browsers market share a year after a year. This is due to their appealing features such as the Addons (Extensions), Tabbed Browsing, Anti Spyware, Anti Phishing, etc. Finally, I think many users, including me, don't think it's really a good choice to depend on Microsoft in securing the computers.

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