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07 April 2006


Alcatel and Lucent have reached a definitive agreement to merge, they said Sunday. The merger stands to create a networking giant with revenue of €21 billion ($25 billion), based on 2005 financial results, and a strong presence in each continent. The new company will be based in Paris and headed by Lucent's Russo. The board of directors will consist of Russo, Alcatel's Tchuruk, five other people from each company and two independent European directors. Source: Network World I think the merge is mainly for both of them to enter each other markets, Alcatel will be able to invade the US - Lucent's - market and vice versa. But on the other hand I think that they have an overlaping line of products some how, they both have DSLAMs, Enterprise Routers, etc. I am not very aware of their Telco products, however I think Alcatel is more into it with its mobile BSC's, Telephone switches, as well as the OmniPCX VoIP solution. Finally, what will be the name of the new company ... Alcacent, Lucatel, or what!? Tags: , ,

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