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29 April 2006

TrendMicro to Enter the Admission Control Game

Trend Micro on Monday will introduce new versions of its VirusWall family of security appliances, designed to help network administrators make sure that the computers on their networks are secure. Called Network VirusWall Enforcer, the appliances will scan PCs and laptops that connect to the network to ensure that they have up-to-date security software and the latest Microsoft security patches. Source: Network World Network VirusWall Enforcer does not require an agent to be preinstalled on a device, which means you have full access control even for partners, contractors, and visitors. When a device does not meet security policy requirements, it is quarantined to a pre-defined virtual local area network (VLAN) for automatic remediation. Many vendors are comming out with their own versions of Admission Control, like Cisco's NAC, Juniper's Infranet Controller and even Microsoft's NAP. URL: Trend Micro, Network VirusWall Enforcer 1200/2500 Tags: , ,

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