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20 April 2006 is Better Than

The users who are redirected to my blogs from are much better than those who are redirected from or The point is that when a user come to your blog from some search engine, it is most of the time that he/she is searching for something, and your blog address just pops up there, even when what's in the blog is not what he/she is looking for. This is one of the search engine problems that they are trying to overcome by using social networks and tags etc. While on the other hand users who come here from, reddit, or any other blog aggregator, they are those who have some time to spend in reading, and looking for something interesting to read. That's why they spend some time in the blog, and may move between two or three different articles there, while those from search engine just get in and out in no time. You may notice that, when you see people spending more time in your blog in the days when you publish a new article there. While on the other hand the number of users doesn't increase much in such days. I.e. the quality of visitors increases but not their quantitiy. Tags: , ,