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30 June 2005


Many people keep on asking how to archive and compress a folder on a UNIX/Linux system.

Suppose you have a directory /usr/myDir and want to compress it to myDir.tar.gz
# tar –cvf myDir.tar /usr/myDir
# gzip myDir.tar

And to unzip and untar a ".tar.gz" file type
# tar -zxvf myDir.tar.gz

27 June 2005

Ubuntu Linux

Did I mention here that I've installed Ubuntu Linux Distro (Ubuntu is an african world that means Humanity to Others) on my laptop. It's really amazing distro. I was bored of RedHat since they were moving towards being more commercial. Also I think that Fedora is some how beta release for RedHat (Trying stuff there and if they are stable that will implement them in RedHat commercial products). Ubuntu is based on the well know Debian which is one of the most powerful Linux disrtos out there. One more thing in Ubuntu is that it is sooooo easy to use, aka Linux For Dummies. During the installation I tried something crazy but it was very successful. I have an NTFS partioin for my Windows XP but it was only 6 Gigs so during the Ubuntu installation I changed the size of that partition and I was sure that such crazy idea may ruin the entire partition or erase the data from it but I was surprised to see it a live and kicking and bigger than before as well with the data on it untouched. I have the Ubuntu burned on a CD if anyone would like to try it just contact me.


Today I've passed the JNCIA-IDP (Juniper Networks Certified Internet Associate - Intrusion Detection and Prevention) exam which was really simple exam. The exam is based mainly on the training materials as well as some practical experience with the product itself. I think Juniper must add an ethical hacking training/exam to their certifications portfolio in order to attract more people who are interested in network security to their products. Also they have to concentrate on end user security such as HIPS (Host-Based Intrusion Prevention Systems) and Authentication and Secure Key Management Systems.

03 June 2005

Vodafone Egypt - Network Hidden Codes

Vodafone Egypt - Network Hidden Codes
Try dialing the following codes on your mobile: *CODE# (Where CODE={100,111,150,etc})

100: Current Time
111: SIM Card
150: Last Call
500: HLR
501: VLR
777: Activating MCK (Missed Call Keeping)

Also if you can find more code please tell me and their usage if any.

01 June 2005

Thunderbird and "winmail.dat" Files

As I told you before I decided to migrate to Thunderbird as I found it much better than the creppy Microsoft Outlook. However on of the problems I used to face with TB is that sometimes I receive attachments send by Outlook as "winmail.dat" till I found a solution for that today. Just go to and download "fentun.exe" and save it to disk. Them you can open the winmail.dat files with fentun.exe wich is capable of extracting the real attachments from it. Please tell me if this info helped you. Tags: , , , , ,