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31 December 2005

4 Hours to 2006

The year 2006 will start here after four hours, so I'd like to wish you all best of luck and a happy new year. Tags: , ,

Python IDE

You may try Eric as a free Python Integrated Development Environment. It is a full featured Python (and Ruby) IDE that is written by Detlev Offenbach using PyQt. URL: Eric3 Python IDE Tags: , ,

Male Domination of the Internet Is Over, Study Finds.

The days of men dominating the Internet may be over, a new study finds. But, according to the study, the two sexes use the Web for very different things. The study says 68 percent of men and 66 percent of women now go online. Since women make up a larger portion of the population, that means they outnumber men in cyberspace. The research suggests men largely go online to pursue solitary pursuits, while women use the Internet to enrich their existing relationships. Men go online to further their hobbies, for example. They are much more likely to use the Internet to read online, take Web classes and take part in sports-fantasy leagues. More men than women will download software and music or use a Web cam. By contrast, 94 percent of women who go online do so for e-mail. Women see e-mail as a way to nurture friendships. They'll write to family and friends to share news and stories, ask for advice and discuss plans. When men use e-mail, it tends to be for work-related activities or for forwarding jokes or humorous stories. Believe it or not, women are just as likely as men to use the Internet to play games, listen to music, watch videos and share files. And both sexes are equally likely to gamble online. In fact, 4 percent of the population surveyed gambled online. Source: ABC News Tags: , ,

27 December 2005


Today I've passed the JNCIS-FWV exam. The JNCIS-FWV is designed for networking professionals with advanced knowledge of, and experience with, Juniper Firewall/VPN products and ScreenOS software. The JNCIS-FWV exam tests for a wider and deeper level of knowledge than does the JNCIA-FWV exam.
JNCIS-FWV Exam Objectives (Exam: JN0-530)

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25 December 2005


SQLite is a small C library that implements a self-contained, embeddable, zero-configuration SQL database engine. While pysqlite is a Python DB-API 2.0 interface for it. So in order to install pysqlite you have to have sqlite installed. But unfortunately when trying to install sqlite using apt-get it seems that some header files were missing that prevented pysqlite from being installed properly. So after installing sqlite from source, I was able to install pysqlite successfully.

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24 December 2005

Kubuntu = Ubuntu + KDE

Ubuntu is a Linux distro based on Debian and uses Gnome as Desktop Manager (GDM), and there is a branch of Ubuntu that uses KDE (KDM) instead called Kubuntu. So today I tried to install KDesktop on Ubuntu, but unfortunately I was not satisfied with it. I think it is too heavy and crashes all the time. May be I was supposed to install Kubuntu in the first place, and may be it's new KDE versions that suck. Tags: , ,

Ubuntu Synaptic Without CD

Sometimes when using Ubuntu "Synaptic Package Manager" or the command line "apt-get" to install a certain application, they ask you to insert the Ubunut CD in order to continue. So, in order to let them search online and skip looking in the cdrom you can go to "/etc/apt/sources.list" and comment the following line "deb cdrom: ...etc." to look like this "#deb cdrom: ...etc." Tags: , ,

23 December 2005

GMailRCS - Version 1.00

GmailRCS is a way to use your Gmail account as a lightweight Revision Control System (RCS) in order to backup and restore the different versions of your source code. The software is written in Python, using libgmail

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Using Autoconf for Phun and Profit

This page attempts to give an overview on how to use Autoconf and make to build a software package, autoconf.php Tags: , ,

22 December 2005

Linux Run Levels

Like most of the UNIX like operating systems, linux has different Run Levels, one for running as a single user, one for multi-user, may be one for GUI, even one for reboot and another one for halt. In the file "/etc/inittab" you can find the default Run Level, eg:
You can find there also the different Run Levels on your system and which is which. In Ubuntu for example it will look like this:
# /etc/init.d executes the S and K scripts upon change # of runlevel. # # Runlevel 0 is halt. # Runlevel 1 is single-user. # Runlevels 2-5 are multi-user. # Runlevel 6 is reboot.
Then in the "/etc" you may find different folders "rc1.d", "rc2.d", and so on. Each folder contains the different scripts to be executed whenver the system enters its equivalent Run Level. Tags: , ,

21 December 2005

Foundry IEEE 802.1x

To configure a foundry switch in order to authenticate people using their IEEE 802.1x clients on their PCs.

You need to enable the RADIUS authentication on the switch first
BigIron(config)# aaa authentication dot1x default radius
Then you net to tell it the RADIUS server's IP and other parameters
radius-server host auth-port 1812 acct-port 1813 default key abc123 dot1x
Now let only one user has access to ethernet port "3/2"
BigIron(config)# int e 3/2
BigIron(config-if-e100-3/2)# port security
BigIron(config-port-security-e100-3/2)# maximum 2
BigIron(config-port-security-e100-3/2)# exit
Then enable the 802.1x on the switch, and enable multi-user policy
BigIron#(config) dot1x enable
BigIron#(config-dot1x)# multi-user-policy enable
And enable flow-based ACL
BigIron#(config) interface e 3/11
BigIron#(config-if-e1000-3/11)# ip access-group flow-mode
Configure place holder ACL, just a fake ACL with fake IP in it to redirect the first packet of the session to the CPU

BigIron(config)# access-list 131 deny tcp host any
BigIron(config)# access-list 131 deny udp host any
BigIron(config)# access-list 131 deny icmp host any
BigIron(config)# access-list 131 permit ip any any

BigIron(config) interface e 3/11
BigIron#(config-if-e1000-3/11)# ip access-group flow-mode
BigIron#(config-if-e1000-3/11)# ip access-group 131 in
BigIron#(config-if-e1000-3/11)# ip access-group 131 out
BigIron#(config-if-e1000-3/11)# exit

So, if the source MAC address of the flow is already associated with a successfully authenticated 802.1X host that has a dynamically assigned IP ACL applied to it, then that dynamically assigned IP ACL is applied to the flow. When a port is authenticated using 802.1X security, an IP ACL or MAC address filter that exists in the running-config on the Foundry device can be dynamically applied to the port. To do this, you configure the Filter-ID (type 11) attribute on the RADIUS server. The Filter-ID attribute specifies the name or number of the Foundry IP ACL or MAC address filter. For example, "", applies the specified numbered ACL to the 802.1X authenticated port in the inbound direction.

So to configure a dynamic ACL to permit incoming traffic from then add the following command to the switch: " access-list 2 permit host", and then make the RADIUS send the following attribute value ""
You may do the same but with a MAC filter by applying the following command on the switch: " mac filter 2 permit 3333.3333.3333 ffff.ffff.ffff any etype eq 0800" and let the RADIUS send this: ""

Foundry, Configuring 802.1X Port Security
Foundry, Software-Based IP Access Control Lists (ACLs)

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19 December 2005

Top 12 Languages @

These are the top 12 languages used at and the number of projects written in them.
  1. Java: 17,120 // I just hate this one
  2. C++: 17,049 // It's ok, but I prefer C more
  3. C: 16,171 // This one is my favorite, simply the best out there
  4. PHP: 12,511 // The best in web programming, however I dun like web programming
  5. Perl: 6,280 // I tried it but I didn't like it
  6. Python: 4,633 // Now I am learning it, and I am about to fall in love with it
  7. C#: 3,023 // What's that !? Yet another Microsoft crap !
  8. JavaScrip: 2,891 // Sucks, just like Java
  9. Visual Basic: 2,221 // See C#
  10. Delpi: 1,959 // Dunno it, sounds like some old fashion language
  11. Unix Shell: 1,885 // It's fine, but I think Python is enough
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17 December 2005

Ubuntu - XMMS Freezes

I've noticed that whenever you try to run XMMS on Ubuntu it freezes, but finally I've found the solution for that ... To install it:
apt-get install xmms apt-get install xmms-mp3 apt-get install xmms-mad
Then go to "Options->Preferences->Audio I/O Plugin->Output Plugin" and set it to "eSound Output Plugin..." The last trick helps in Beep-Media-Player too. Tags: , ,

16 December 2005

Python - libgmail Tutorial

This is a short tutorla about libgmail. Which is a Library to provide access to Gmail via Python. Tabs are important in python as they indicate the different code blocks, since they do not have "{" and "}" like those in C and C++. So I'll replace the tabs here with [TAB], since it's hard to write the proper format in HTML.

First of all lets see how can we get the libgmail help, a.k.a man pages:
>>>import libgmail
Then lets see how can we retrieve the messages in our the inbox:
>>>import libgmail
>>>ga = libgmail.GmailAccount("", "password")
>>>folder = ga.getMessagesByFolder("inbox", True)
>>>for thread in folder:
>>>[TAB]print "Thread:",, "Subject:", thread.subject
>>>[TAB]for msg in thread:
>>>[TAB][TAB]print "Msg:",, ",Author",, ",Subject:", msg.subject
Now lets say we want to print all the attached files in all the messages labled by "projectx"
>>>import libgmail
>>>ga = libgmail.GmailAccount("", "password")
>>>folder = ga.getMessagesByLabel("projectx", True)
>>>for tread in folder:
>>>[TAB]for msg in thread:
>>>[TAB][TAB]for attach in msg.attachments:
>>>[TAB][TAB][TAB]print attach._getContent()
You may also send a message this way:
>>>import libgmail
>>>ga = libgmail.GmailAccount("", "password")
>>>msg=libgmail.GmailComposedMessage("", "SubjectHere", "BodyHere")
To send attachmented files into the message:
>>>import libgmail
>>>ga = libgmail.GmailAccount("", "password")
>>>myFiles = ["/file1", "/file2", "/file3"]
>>>msg=libgmail.GmailComposedMessage("", "SubjectHere", "BodyHere", filenames=myFiles)
Finally I've noticed that sometimes the sendMessage() function fails - returns "HTTP Error 404: Not Found", and hope that they are going fix it soon. Actually the function fails on the first time but when you call it again it works, so you may use a "try-except" statement like the one below:

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15 December 2005

C - Hex Dump Function

Every sniffer has a hex dump function in order to print the captured packets to the user, so this is a hex dump function I made ... mycap_dump()

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Better Check For Your Sanity

It doesn't hurt to take a hard look at yourself from time to time, and this should help get you started During a visit to the mental asylum, a visitor asked the director what the criterion was which defined whether or not a patient should be institutionalized. "Well," said the director, "We fill up a bathtub, then we offer a teaspoon, a teacup and a bucket to the patient and ask him or her to empty the bathtub." "Oh, I understand," said the visitor. "A normal person would use the bucket because it's bigger than the spoon or the teacup." "No." said the director, "A normal person would pull the plug." Do you want a room with or without a view? Tags: , ,

Bluetooth programming on GNU/Linux

This is a nice tutorial on Bluetooth Programming (Bluez) on GNU/Linux. But please notice that you must have a Linux with BlueZ Kernel Modules (Linux 2.4 and 2.6). And also you will need to install Bluez libraries and tools (For the minimal functionality the bluez-libs and bluez-utils are needed) for header files and userland API's Tags: , ,

14 December 2005

ISO/IEC 17799

ISO/IEC 17799 is an information security standard published in December 2000 by the International Organization for Standardization and the International Electrotechnical Commission in 2000 entitled Information technology - Code of practice for information security management. ISO 17799 was revised and re-issued in June 2005. ISO/IEC 17799 provides best practice recommendations on information security management for use by those who are responsible for initiating, implementing or maintaining information security management systems. Information security is defined within the standard as the preservation of confidentiality (ensuring that information is accessible only to those authorised to have access), integrity (safeguarding the accuracy and completeness of information and processing methods) and availability (ensuring that authorised users have access to information and associated assets when required). Source: Tags: , ,

Code Snippets - Python for S60

Python for Series60 Code Examples: Big Bold Code Snippets Some other Python for Series 60 Resources Eriksmartt Python for Series 60 Resources You may also see this if you are tired of writing on the mobile's keypad: Python - Mobile Bluetooth Console Tags: , ,

12 December 2005

IEEE OUI & Company ID's

The MAC address is six bytes (48 bits) long, where the first three bytes (OUI) represent the manufacturer of the Network Card. And here is a link from IEEE in order to search for the different OUI's and their equivalent Companies.

One nice trick to know the manufacturer of a certain host is to "ping" it (it has to be in the same subnet with you), and then type "arp -a" to get his MAC address.

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11 December 2005

Do You Spleak English?

Spleak is a virtual buddy that you can add to your MSN messenger ( After adding her to your MSN contacts, She can manage your time, take notes, do spell checks for you or alert you of deadlines and events. She also knows whole dictionaries, and encyclopedias by heart, and offers a variety of fun activities as well.
But it's really fishy that she does all of this for free! I think there is some hidden agenda out there. May be they have some plans to charge people for such services. Or may be they collect some date about people's behavior etc.

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04 December 2005 Python Popular Links

Want to stay on the cutting edge of what’s hot in the Python community? This is the way to do it. The site tracks the most popular URLs tagged with Python, so you get a continuous feed of interesting and helpful links. I’ve added the RSS feed for the page as a Live Bookmark in Firefox, making it easy to skim the list. If you don’t already have a account, go get one now (although you don’t need one just to view other people’s links).

Source: Import This @ Think Hole Labs

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Where the Heck is Miss Mabrouk !?

I am really wondering where have she gone!?
Ritzy Mabrouk, the owner of a very famous blog in Egypt ( has disappeared. Her last post was on November 10, 2005 @ 5:00AM. Miss Mabrouk is a foreigner that lives in Maadi, Cairo. No one knows her real identity. Readers who loved reading her blog wondering "Where could she go?" Source: Ikhnaton2 - A Whisper
Hope she - She is one of my favorite bloggers - is fine.

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Photo Quiz

Can you tell where is this Photo taken !? Ok, It's just written on the sign ... It's here in Cairo, in down town, in a street called Sheik Reihan ... But it doesn't look like Cairo or Egypt at all. This house looks as if it is in some European Village.
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03 December 2005

Python Mobile Bluetooth Console

So, now you wanna write Python scripts on your phone, but you are sick of the phone keyboard. Then it is time for BTConsole (Bluetooth Console), where you can have a console connection to the Mobile Phone from your PC using the Bluetooth connection as a Serial Port Emulator. This can be done on both Windows or Linux, but I am going to describe the Linux part as I don't like Windows and also I failed to set it up on it. First of all you have to have the Bluetooth Protocol Stack (BlueZ) installed on your machine. You may also use an "ipconfig" or "ifconfig" like command on you Computer to get information about your Computer's Bluetooth Address (It looks like the MAC Address) and so ... this command is called "hciconfig" Also to discover the Bluetooth devices near you, use "hcitool scan" Now create a Virtual Port (/dev/rfcomm0) on your Linux Machine for the Bluetoot connection and start listening on that port ... Type the following two commands on you computer:
"sdptool add-channel=2 SP" (It shall tell you someting like "Serial Port service registered" now) "rfcomm listen /dev/rfcomm0 2" (It shall tell you something like "Waiting for connection on Channel2")
Then on you Mobile Phone, go to Python (You have Python for Series60 installed on your phone, don't you !?). And choose Bluetooth Console from the Options menu. It should connect to the computer now. And the following will be shown on you computer "Connection from AA:BB:CC:DD:EE:FF to /dev/rfcomm0" then "Press CTRL-C for hangup", where AA:BB:CC:DD:EE:FF is your Mobile's Bluetoot Address The Linux equivalent to HyperTerminal is called minicom, so it's time to use it to open a console connection to the mobile phone. To run minicom type "minicom -s -m" then choose "Serial Port Setup" and set the Serial Device to "/dev/rfcomm0" and leave the rest as it is. Now press escape and exit the Serial Port Setup Menu. Here we go, you are now connected to the Python Shell on your Mobile Phone. If you'd like you may use this to send an SMS from your PC:
>>> import messaging
>>> messaging.sms_send("+20101234567",u"Hello World")
Where +20101234567 is the phone number you want to send your SMS to. Resources:
By the way if this doesn't work, try the following howto by Dankoozy: HOWTO: Use the Bluetooth console in PyS60

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Views from Dubai Trip

These are some photos took during y last trip to Dubai ...
Sheik Zayed's Road Dubai Trade Center Emirates Mall, Ice Skiing
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Python for Nokia Series60

It is really interesting to write you own Softwares for your Mobile Phone. When I decided to write code using C++ (C and C++ are my favorites), I was shocked to find that Nokia has released a Windows SDK only, and it is limited to some creepy and non-free IDE's like MS Visual Studio and so. On the other hand I hate Java, and can never be used to it. So I was finally happy to find that there is a Python interpreter for Nokia Series 60 Phones. I've installed the Python for Nokia interpreter (PyreplForSeries60.SIS) a couple of days ago, and here I am starting to learn Python, which seems to be a very nice scripting language so far. For further info:,,034-821,00.html

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28 November 2005

Adam and Eve's Origins

A German, a Frenchman, an Englishman, and an Egyptian went to an Art museum and were spending some time in front of the painting of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.
After observing the painting for a while an intrigued observer asked the four men where they thought Adam and Eve's origins could be from.
The German said: "Look at the perfection of theirbodies. She with her slender and well-formed figure and he with that athletic body and bulging muscles. There is no doubt they must be of German origin."
Immediately the Frenchman reacts! "C'est Impossible! One can clearly see the eroticism that is exuding from both figures... She so feminine? He so masculine... And both so aware of the impending temptation... They must be French!"
Shaking his head in disagreement, the Englishman comments: "Oh No, Chaps it can't be! Note the serenity on their faces, their delicate pose, the sobriety in their gestures. They could only be English."
After a few more seconds of contemplation, the Egyptian exclaims: "I do NOT agree with ANY of your theories! Look closer, they do not have clothes, they do not have shoes, and they do not even have shelter. All they have is ONE apple to eat and to top it all off it is prohibited! They don't protest and they STILL think they are in Paradise!?? Clearly, these two can only be Egyptians!!!"

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26 November 2005

You've Got a Mail from The FBI

IF it says it's from the US Central Intelligence Agency or Federal Bureau of Investigation, avoid it like the plague. An e-mail is going around, claiming to be from the CIA or FBI. And if you open it using Windows, you'll be in big trouble. Source:,4136,97983,00.html

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25 November 2005

I'm Back

I was on a business trip out of Egypt and just came back today. Hope that all the bloggers are fine, and looking forward to continue posting soon. Welcome back to me :) Tags: , ,

14 November 2005

13 November 2005


I think people need something like a Bloggers Code of Ethics in order to tell them what they are supposed to do, and what they are not supposed to. Is it ethical to blog while you are at work? To what limit you can say whatever you want in your blog, and can you insult someone or swear there? Are you supposed to leave others comments there or can you delete the ones you do not like, or think that they are inappropriate? What kind of comments are not acceptable? Also, there some other questions that are not ethical related ones, however they may be important to know. Is there a acceptable limit to your posts length? How frequently shall you update your blog? Shall you blog in your real name or use some screen name for security? What kind of personal you are not supposed to write on your blog? I know that these last ones do not have standard answers, but sometimes you need to have something like blogging etiquette or blogetiquette. By the way, this is my post number 206 and I was supposed to dedicate it to the good looking car, Peugeot 206. And that is why I am using this picture :) *** Updated 14 November 2005 *** Ahmad has sent me this useful link, EFF: Legal Guide for Bloggers Tags: , ,

Remote Controls

When I was a kid, it was normally to have television sets without remote controls. At that time, there were only two channels in the Egyptian TV (Channel-1 and Channel-2). So it was not a big problem then to deal with TV's without remote contols. Then in the late eighties they added a third channel and after that they reached eight channels or so. At this point remote controls were not luxury any more, and people started to use them to switch between them different channels in order to find a suitable programs to watch. Actually they all suck, but we didn't have any other option then. Then there was the satellite Era, where people found themselves receiving hundreds of TV channels from all over the world. At this point we didn't use remote controls to find a suitable program to see, but there was the joy of switching between these channels forward and backward so quickly. It was very common to someone sitting on the sofa, and moving between the different channels one after the other for hours without watching anything. May be it was because most of these channels didn't worth watching and may be because people were happy to find such huge number of channels and wanted to watch them all at the same time. A similar situation is happening here in the Blogsphere, there are too many blogs to read. And sometimes I just move from one blog to another without reading a single post in any of them. Sometimes I may see the posts titles, and sometimes just the blog design. I try to make a list in my mind for my favorite blogs, and sometimes blog aggregators are useful to see what's new out there. It might be true that excess of information is sometimes worse than the lack of it. Tags: , ,

12 November 2005

Red Africa

I'd like to congratulate all Ahly fans for their fourth African Champions League title. They really deserve it, and they are just one title away from Zamalek's five titles legend. Africa is usually known as the black continent, but today it is a red one. Tags: , , , ,

11 November 2005

DL Most Popular Downloads - November 05 Most Popular Downloads (Week ending November 06)
  1. Ad-Aware SE Personal Edition: 1,172,942 downloads
  2. Spyware Doctor: 872,347 downloads
  3. ICQ 5.04: 581,741 downloads
  4. iMesh: 553,928 downloads
  5. LimeWire: 477,272 downloads
  6. WinZip: 458,086 downloads
  7. Morpheus: 405,976 downloads
  8. Spybot - Search & Destroy: 375,030 downloads
  9. All-in-One Secretmaker: 346,977 downloads
  10. Registry Mechanic: 340,469 downloads
As you may have noticed, five items of the top-10 are spyware removal and other security related programs (Items 1, 2, 8, 9, and 10). Also there are 3 items for file-sharing (Items 4, 5, and 7). And finally there is ICQ (Instant Messaging program), and WinZip (File Compression Utility). It's clear that one of the main concerns of PC users is their security especially with the rise of the Ad-Wares and Spy-Wares phenomenon, as well as Worms and Virii. Then comes the file sharing software's, which may be because most of the interesting stuff on the net are copyrighted and not shown on usual web pages, so file-sharing programs are the best way to get such illegal stuff like MP3's, Movies, Cracked software's, eBooks, etc. It is interesting that most of the file-sharing programs contain spy-wares and ad-wares like Kazaa and may be iMesh too. The only file sharing program that is ad-ware free - simply because it is an open-source software - is called Shareaza, however it is not shown here. Tags: , ,

Iraqi Daily News!

"A series of attacks in the Iraqi capital Thursday targeted police and civilians, including a suicide bombing at a restaurant that killed at least 34 people, Iraqi police said", CNN.
This 20 days old baby was killed with his family few days earlier It seems that he was co-operating with the U.S. occupation forces!
So, are we supposed to get used to these daily news of those insane suicide bombers!? And shall we get used to seeing dozens killed everyday just because those ill-minded bastards think that they will go to heaven by blowing their dirty bodies up into innocent people!? Tags: , ,

Welcome Back, Dear Ubuntu.

It's been a while that the partition table on my laptop has been corrupted. This has happened after re-installing Windows, which has screwed the partition table up, and made me lose my Linux partition as well. But today I succeeded in fixing the problem by using "Partition Magic" side by side to "Partition Table Doctor". The problem was that "Partition Magic" was not able to load because of an unknown error, so I used another software called "Partition Table Doctor" to fix it and then used "Partition Magic" in order to fix the Partition Table and get my /ext3 - Linux partition - back. Then I installed my favorite Linux distro that is called Ubuntu and here I am writing this blog post from there. Tags: , ,

10 November 2005

Jordanians: "Burn in hell, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi!"

"Hundreds of angry Jordanians rallied Thursday outside one of three hotels attacked by suicide bombers, shouting, "Burn in hell, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi!" after the terrorist's group claimed responsibility for the blasts that killed at least 56 people. In an Internet statement, al-Qaida in Iraq linked the blasts at the Grand Hyatt, the Radisson SAS and the Days Inn hotels to the war in Iraq and called Amman the "backyard garden" for U.S. operations", Yahoo News. It's really interesting that earlier this year, a suicide bomber's family - Raed AlBanna - in Jordan celebrated his so called martyrdom after blowing himself up in the town of Hilla south of Baghdad, killing at least 120 Iraqi. Hope they now know the difference between terrorism and martyrdom. Finally, May Allah bless the souls of the victims. Tags: , , ,

Jordan Blasts

"Suicide bombers with links to al-Qaeda are believed to have carried out the attacks on three hotels in Jordan's capital that killed at least 57 people", BBC News But the victims of the attacks on the Grand Hyatt, Radisson and Days Inn hotels in Amman were mostly Jordanians with at least 300 people wounded. Does AlQaeda - or whoever has the same beliefs - think that killing innocent Jordanins will help in their *Holy* war against the evil crusaders !!? Tags: , ,

09 November 2005


A security bug has been found in the "Skype for Windows user client" that can make it execute arbitrary code through a buffer overflow when Skype is called upon to handle malformed URLs that are in Skype-specific URI types callto:// and skype://. In addition, Skype can be made to execute arbitrary code during importation of a VCARD that is in a specific non-standard format. So, it is recomended to upgrade to the newest Sykep version (Release 1.4.*.84 or later). More Info: Tags: , , , ,

08 November 2005

Printing Wikipedia, An Inverse Google Print

"Entries from Wikipedia, the popular free online encyclopedia written and edited by Internet users, may soon be available in print for readers in the developing world, founder Jimmy Wales said on Monday. He said content from the Web site may also be burned onto CD's and DVD's so computer users in places like Africa, who lack access to high-speed Internet, could consult parts of the reference work offline", CNN But do you really think that printing it is a good idea? I believe that one of the major advantages of Wikipedia is that it can be live updated with the most recent topics every day. Also since it is edited by anyone at any time - which helps in correcting any error s soon as it is detected - it needs to be error free before publishing it on some static media like a printed books, or CD's. Finally, I don't think that publishing it on paper can be cheaper than a Dial-up Internet connection in most of the developing countries. Tags: , ,

Palestinian Child's Spirit, Alive Peace Maker

"The father of a Palestinian boy shot dead by Israeli soldiers said Monday he believes his son's spirit is alive in every Israeli after donating the boy's organs to Israelis waiting for transplants", CNN Tags: , , , ,

04 November 2005

Mysterious Eve, and The Mysterious Arabic Text

In a previous post I was talking about how writing in Arabic on the PC can be really annoying.
"When you try to put a full-stop or an exclamation mark at the end of the sentence, the computer will put it at the beginning of it instead", Arabic Enabled @ Gr33nData
Then a nice Lebanese blogger called Mysterious Eve - she has a wonderful blog by the way - has sent me a comment there that solved most of the problems I was facing.
"the solution is easy. When you write in Arabic, align to the right, then insert dir="rtl" between div and right. plz email me if I wasn't clear enough.", Mysterious Eve.
In English; put dir="rtl" in the div tag to look like this:
<div dir="rtl">SOME ARABIC TEXT</div>
So I'd really like to thank her for her help, and hope that this may help other Arabic bloggers as well. Tags: , , ,

03 November 2005

Arresting Abdul Kareem: Defending Islam or Offending It?

An Egyptian blogger - Abdul Kareem Nabeel Soliman - was arrested on Wednesday 26 October 2005 by the Egyptian State Security (Amn El Dawla). According to his family, his arrest might be a result of his writings that are attacking Islam. His brother said that Abdul Kareem has a tense relation with Salafis in his hometown of Alexandria. He added that they might be the ones behind filing a complaint against his brother. Sources: , Miss Mabrouk, and Amr Gharbeia.
I've visited his blog before and I do really disagree with his writings about Islam; however I still cannot find any reason for arresting someone for what he says or writes. And for those who think that he should be arrested for offending Islam, I believe that arresting him is more offending to Islam. Because by arresting him you are just telling everyone that Islam is in a real danger because of a couple of blog posts. And finally I do believe that Islam is great enough not to need any security forces to defend it, and will never be in danger because of a couple of blog posts, or even millions of them. Tags: , , , ,

02 November 2005

Microsoft's Life Era

About every five years, Microsoft holds an event to introduce a "big bet" that Bill Gates is making in hopes of changing computing as we know it.
On Tuesday here at the Palace Hotel, Bill introduced what he's calling the "Live era," in which software and online services and applications work together, portions paid for by advertising and subscription revenue. Microsoft showed two online platforms, Windows Live and Microsoft Office Live. Windows Live looks like a cross between MSN and SharePoint. It's a customizable home page, with new features to be added as the beta continues.While Microsoft Office Live is a set of small business services, including Web hosting and e-mail that is built largely atop SharePoint and incorporates the old bCentral hosted services. Source: eWeek
The first (beta) iteration of Windows Live is now available at The website, which currently works only with Windows Internet Explorer — support for Firefox and other browsers is forthcoming — has a search engine like Google, access to news and information services like Yahoo and MSN but one more thing — a great deal of customization. When you first visit the site you see a sidebar with headings such as “My Web,” and “Gadgets” as well as information categories including Business, Entertainment, Health News, Science & Tech and Sports. Gadgets is a series of mini-applications such as e-mail, customized stock quotes, horoscopes and a ticking clock that all run from within the browser (unlike Apple’s Widgets, they do not run from the computer’s desktop). You can select a gadget from the list and drag it to any portion of your personal page. “Office Live” is targeted to the estimated 28 million small businesses worldwide with fewer than 10 employees. The basic free ad supported service will include a domain name, a web site with 30 MB of storage and five Web e-mail accounts — each email account gets up to two gigabytes of storage. For a fee, Office Live will also provide access to 22 business applications to “help automate daily business tasks such as project management, sales and collateral management, customer management, expense reports, time and billing management, and secure internal and external collaboration.” While this initiative marks a step forward for Microsoft, it is hardly a revolutionary concept. Sun and Oracle, for years, have been talking about using the Internet as the nexus for future computer operating systems. Google has been marching steadily forward launching many new services that go way beyond its original search function and Yahoo is continually expanding its offerings. Even AOL, which has traditionally been a dial-up access provider, is repositioning itself as a web services provider with free e-mail and other services. Source: CBS News
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Since you can change the time tag when creating a new blog post. You can write it now, but set the date and time to two hours later, or even the following day. So the point is that many people just change their posts time and/or date to make them appear on the top of - or any blog aggregator they are member of. That's why I think that blog aggregators shall discard the time tag that comes with the posts, and use the time when they crawled to the blog instead. Tags: , ,

February 29, 1980.

I've successfully made a post with a date prior to 1990. Just see this post.

Publish Now, Or Save It For Tomorrow !?

Sometimes you find yourself having too many topics to talk about in your own blog and some other times you can't find anything to say. So do you think that saving posts for the future is a good idea? Just write the ideas in your blog and save them as draft and publish them later so that your blog users will find your blog being updated frequently. But on the other hand, do you really think that your mind can run out of ideas and new topics? Why not just publish whatever is in your mind now and sure you'll find something to write about tomorrow? As for me I prefer the "Just post what is in your mind now" more than the "Save some posts for tomorrow", as I think that the more you write and the more comments you recive on what you wrote, the more ideas you get in your mind. Tags: , ,

01 November 2005

Arabic Enabled

In a previous post I've asked people if they prefer my English blog or my Arabic one more. Actually I myself prefer writing here in the English one, as I hate writing in Arabic on the PC. One of the reasons is that I can find the English letters more easily than the Arabic ones, also because when I want to say something I prefer to say it in Arabic but when it comes to writing I prefer it in English. Other than these previous reasons, the main reason to hate writing in Arabic on the PC, is that I believe that those programmers who are responsible for arabization are really bastards. And when you ever try writing in Arabic you will always see freak stuff like the following ones.
  • When you try to put a full-stop or an exclamation mark at the end of the sentence, the computer will put it at the beginning of it instead.
  • When there is a sentence of both Arabic and English letters, the computer will just makes its best to rearrange the letters so that no one will be able to read it.
  • Brackets and braces are real pain in the a**. (Where '*' = '*')
  • Trying to use the backspace and delete button will delete any letter but the one you really want to delete.
  • Sometimes copying and pasting a paragraph may result in rearranging the sentences there.
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Happy Eid

It's been announced that Eid Ul Fetr - End of Ramadan Feast - will be next Thursday here in Egypt, and I think many other countries as well, so I'd like to wish you all the best and a happy Eid.

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31 October 2005

Spaling Mestaques ... Who Cares !?

Do you really care when you find some spelling mistakes in a blog post? Can they be one of the reasons for visiting or not visiting a specific blog? But, if you can really get what is written there, so why do you care about the mistakes anyway? Actually for me I feel is as some kind of disrespect. I also don't like it when people use the Internet shorthand writing style ... u sur no wt um takin abt, aint u!? For me it is like "I do not have enough time to write the whole thing". Ok, if you really don't have time to write I also don't have enough time to read what you wrote. And yes sometimes I can accept it when writing is a real pain in the a**, for example, when writing an SMS on mobile phones with their 12 buttons,where you have to use multiple key strokes in order to write a single letter. I also don't like typos - when you hit on a key instead of another while using a keyboard., especially when there are spell checkers everywhere now. I really appreciate it when someone contacts me in order to tell me that there is a spelling mistake or even grammatical mistake in a certain post I have written earlier. Tags: , , ,

30 October 2005

Women = SIN(2 * Pi * K * t)

A friend of mine - Zein Wali - and I were trying to understand women's behavior, and we came out with a theory that women are like a sinusoidal wave. The sinusoidal wave is filled with ups and downs and positives and negatives, and so are women. This may be because they have period every month or so, and that's why they are just as periodic as the sine wave.
You may notice that the sine equals to zero when the X-axis (Time in our case) value is zero, and that is how it looks like when you are starting a relation with some woman. Then it goes up in the positive direction as you get to know her more. This may be noticed as the intensity and the frequency of phone calls, meetings, etc. Then for no reason the curve goes down, however some may claim that it is some kind of strategy they use in order to make them look more desirable. And the negative cycle is considered to most critical phase depending on the other partner behavior it may go up again to the positive part or just return to zero and stay there.

The function shown below can be useful to represent the strength of the relation with time.
Women = SIN(2 * Pi * K * t)
  • Pi: 3.1415 (Radian), or 90 (Degrees)
  • K: Some constant, however more recent studies claim that it is function in the women itself, time, and the surrounding environment
  • t: time
Recent studies are trying to make some kind of emotional rectifier in order to reach more steady behaviour than this one above. Also some studies think that this may be solved by knowing many women so that when any of them is in her negative phase you can easily dump her for another one in her positive phase, however there are many ethical issues regarding such solution.

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Cambridge English Dictionary

You are looking for the meaning of an English word, and Google is not very helpful?
Here you are Cambridge Online English Dictionary to search in.

You may also use the following HTML code to add a link to this post on your own blog or web page:
<a href=""> Cambridge English Dictionary </a>

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Diego Armando Maradona

Diego Armando Maradona, nicknamed El Diez, Pelusa, El Diego and Dios (born October 30, 1960), is a former Argentine football (soccer) player. He is regarded as one of the greatest—and most controversial—players in the history of the game. Source: Wikipedia. Tags: , , ,

29 October 2005

Who's Next?

I was bored and decided to pick a random blog to read. So I used that button at the top here, "NEXT BLOG>>", in order to find some blog. The first blog I came across was in French, so I skipped to the next one which was a Malaysian girl's blog. The posts there are either in Malaysian or in ... you know that "wlkm 2 ma lil blog, itz kewl 2 c ya heeer" stuff. So I moved to the next one, it is a picture blog so there is no need to read, but wait what kind of freak people are these, the first picture is of a woman who look like a witch with that witches hat on her head, the next picture is of a baby dressed like a chicken and sleeping in a big dish!, then another photo of the sky, and one for a hamburger sandwitch ... Ok that's enough, it's time to move to the next blog. Ok, here we go, this one is what I call a "Typical Chinese Girl Blog", it's all in pink with a lot of photos of herself and her friends, and a banner on the top that reads "LaZy CoZy mAP of heArT" .... ughhhhhhh. Seems that I have to click on the magical "NEXT BLOG>>" button once more. Finally a human being blog, It's a blog with two contributors, let's read the first post then ... Ok, I got it now, it is only one contributor and another user that's called "Free For All Guest - 11/25/2005" is an anonymous account there. They have a really nice idea by letting people login by this anonymous account every Friday and publish whatever the want to post there. Most of these anonymous contributors posts look like a brief thank you to the blog owner and then introducing themselves in one or two paragraphs, here is one girl talking about how here boyfriend dumped her, and another one saying that he likes baseball ... Anyways the idea is good but I dun feel really like reading that crap. The next blog is in Portuguese - with those weird ~ signs over the letter a -, and then the following one is in Spanish - I should have expected this. Then a blog of someone who looks like he gave up blogging, there is only a single post there with the phrase "Welcome to my Blog" there. The next one, he has many post all with different phrase that links to the same URL, which seems that he is doing some Search Engine Spamming or so. The next one is a woman who is giving people advises on running their own business from home and some marketing tips. I am damn sure that what she means by small business is cooking and making napkins.
OK ... That's it ... I didn't really expect to see such big number of FREAKS in the Bloggers-Land. It seems that it is time to go to sleep now!!

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What Do You Like To See Here?

What kind of topics you like to see here more?
  1. Personal Stuff.
  2. News Comments.
  3. Movies Reviews.
  4. Photos of Egypt and Other Places I've Been to.
  5. Technical Stuff (HOWTO's, Blog Tips, etc.)
  6. General Thoughts about Life and Living
  7. Poetry and Short Stories
  8. Others
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Which Blog Do You Like Most?

Which blog - of my two blogs - do you like most?
  1. This one,
  2. My Arabic Blog,
  3. Both of them are OK.
  4. They both suck!
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What Classic Movie Am I?

I am bored of such silly tests, but here is one more test result. Tags: , ,

28 October 2005

Tarek Has Been Tagged !!

Blueue and Wonderer are really evil girls. They both have tagged me, and since they are old blog friends so I am supposed to accept their Tag request here. Se7en things I want/like to do:
  1. Finish this post ;-)
  2. Study JNCIS-FWV
  3. Go to the cinema.
  4. Write programs in C on a Linux Machine.
  5. Get to know stuff, no one else knows.
  6. Find Miss Right.
  7. Find one more thing to write here.
Se7en things I don't want/like to do:
  1. Be someone else, other than myself.
  2. Confess my emotions towards somebody openly.
  3. Stop thinking.
  4. apologize, especially if I don't have to.
  5. Stay with people I don't like.
  6. Talk on the phone.
  7. Let's find something to write here later.
Se7en things I say most often (With Explanations):
  1. Eshta = OK
  2. Holy Shit = Mierda
  3. El Teneen = Very much
  4. Swayeka = Pretty Girl
  5. Ay kalam = Nonsense
  6. What's your IP !?
  7. Welcome to Bloggers Land
Se7en people I want to pass this tag to (Almost Random Choices):
  1. Bent Masreya
  2. Sharks
  3. Ritzy Mabrouk
  4. Khagal
  5. Zeryab
  6. Haisam
  7. Anyone who may be interested.
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27 October 2005

Long Blog Posts

I am not sure if I am the only one who do this or not, but whenever I come across a long blog post I don't read it. May be one of the main reasons that make me read a post is the time it will take me to read it, as well as how attractive is its title. I also do the same thing in newspapers, magazines, web pages, etc. Anyways, may be it is just me who get bored quickly. Tags: , ,

26 October 2005

Never Walk Without a Document in Your Hand

Never walk without a document in your hand in the office in order to look like a hard working employee, and check this link for more office advices. Office Advices: Tags: , ,

24 October 2005

African Cup of Nations - Egypt 2006 Website

The 2006 African Cup of Nations will be held in Egypt. The decision was made by the executive committee of the Confederation of African Football (Caf) in Cairo. A four-time winner of the Nations Cup, Egypt hosted the tournament in 1959, 1974 and 1986. For more information you can visit the tournament's official site: Tags: , , , ,

Doom, The Game & The Movie

Since it is Ramadan here, and no one goes to the Cinema, then let me try writing a short review on this week's U.S. Box Office. Most of us used to play that id-Soft's video-game called Doom. It was a first person shoot'em up game. Now a film version of it has topped the US and Canada box office. Doom has succeded to move the Horror movie The Fog to the fourth position. Charlize Theron's movie North Country came in the fifth position, the South African actress's movie was relased this week a little while after Charlize-Cook famous butt kissing on Jay Leno's Tonight Show. In the second and third positions there are two movies one based on a true story and the other one is an animation movie respectivly and I don't like both. Tags: , ,

Recent Posts - Comments Count

The most recent posts are listed in the blog's side-bar. So what about adding the number of comments posted on each post of them. To do this just replace the following code:
<ul id="recently"> <BloggerPreviousItems> <li><a href="<$BlogItemPermalinkURL$>"><$BlogPreviousItemTitle$> </a></li> </BloggerPreviousItems> </ul>
With this one:
<ul id="recently"> <BloggerPreviousItems> <li><a href="<$BlogItemPermalinkURL$>"><$BlogPreviousItemTitle$> (<$BlogItemCommentCount$>)</a></li> </BloggerPreviousItems> </ul>
And once more, if you are reading this post in any blog aggregator and you can't see the code well, just click here. Tags: , ,

23 October 2005

Green Test

Green Test - JavaScript Alert Message <script language="Javascript"> <!-- // please keep these lines on when you copy the source // made by: Nicolas - alert ("GrErN DaTa, JaVaScRiPt tEsT") //--> </script> Q: So, what the heck is this post about !? A: I know it looks weird, ok I was testing some blog aggregator to see if it is vulnerable to cross site scripting (XSS) or not. Any way feel free to skip this post as I don't feel like deleting it. By the way, it came out that the blog aggregator was not vulnerable, hooray !! Tags: , , , ,

Color Blender

Sick of searching for suitable colors - a.k.a colours - for you website or blog !? May be you can use ColorBlender tool for color matching and palette design! Tags: , , ,

Mia's Comments Authors List

Mia, Shaken Not Stirred had some cool feature in her blog. She is listing the names of those who have left comments at the bottom of each post. To do the same thing at your blog, go to the blog's template and edit the following section:
<p class="post-footer"> <em>posted by <$BlogItemAuthorNickname$> at <a href="<$BlogItemPermalinkUrl$>" title="permanent link"><$BlogItemDateTime$></a> </em> <MainOrArchivePage><BlogItemCommentsEnabled> <a class="comment-link" href="<$BlogItemCommentCreate$>" <$BlogItemCommentFormOnclick$>> <$BlogItemCommentCount$> comments</a> </BlogItemCommentsEnabled></MainOrArchivePage> <$BlogItemControl$> </p>
To look like this
<p class="post-footer"> <em>posted by <$BlogItemAuthorNickname$> at <a href="<$BlogItemPermalinkUrl$>" title="permanent link"><$BlogItemDateTime$></a> </em> <MainOrArchivePage><BlogItemCommentsEnabled> <a class="comment-link" href="<$BlogItemCommentCreate$>" <$BlogItemCommentFormOnclick$>> <$BlogItemCommentCount$> comments</a> from: <BlogItemComments><$BlogCommentAuthor$>, </BlogItemComments> </BlogItemCommentsEnabled></MainOrArchivePage> <$BlogItemControl$> </p>
Note: This is tested with ( only, and I don't know whether the same hack can be done on other blog hosting sites or not. Also, for readers, if the previous code is not shown well there, please click on the link to see the original post here . Tags: , , , ,

20 October 2005

Logoglize You Name

Generate a Google-style logo.
Powered By: Logogle
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BlogRoll Me

Most of the Blogs here have a list of their favorite blogs in their own blog side-bar. But the problem is every time you come across a blog you like, you have to copy its URL, then go to your blog's template and edit it in order to add that blog link there. That's why you can use the BlogRoll service in order to simplify such task. You first have to create and account there, Then add a piece of code to your site - most probably in your sidebar - that can show the list of blogs in your bookmark, and the list is updated automatically whenever you add a new link there.
<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript" src=""> </script>
Adding a bookmark can be done by logging into BlogRoll site and adding it from there, or simply that blog owner can add a link like the following one for people to click on in order to add him/her to their bookmark list.

Click here in order to add me to you BlogRoll bookmarks

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According To The West

I don't know why most of the western people believe that Arabs are all members of Al Qaida and that all Muslims are terrorists. While most Arabs are against Al Qaida and Islam is against killing innocent people for any reason. The problem is that sometimes people claim some religious roots to their deeds in order to give them legality and gain some sympathy from the members of that religion, and that why Al Qaida and Al Zarkawi always claim that they do what the do because it is the Islam which dictates them to do so. While Islam has nothing to do with these actions for sure. Tags: , , , , , ,

Scorpions' Peace for All concert tour

Scorpions - one of my favorite bands - are going to give a concert here in Egypt next month. According to AMEInfo the concert will be held in Cairo on Thursday the 17th of November, an in Sharm El Sheik on the 19th, and it is considered as a part the first ever Middle East regional tour for the international band. Source: Source: Tickets: Tags: , , , , ,

Bird Flu - Wikipedia

Bird Flu (also known as avian flu or avian influenza) is today's hottest topic everywhere. So here is a Wikipedia link about it. Bird Flu: Tags: , , , , , , ,

19 October 2005

Xerox Conspiracy Theory

It seems that the U.S. government is tracking everyone and everything out there. Last year, an article in PC World magazine pointed out that printouts from many color laser printers contained yellow dots scattered across the page, viewable only with a special kind of flashlight. These dots may contain hidden information that could be used to track you down. Yesterday, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a San Francisco consumer privacy group, said it had cracked the code used in a widely used line of Xerox printers, an invisible bar code of sorts that contains the serial number of the printer as well as the date and time a document was printed. The EFF said it has identified similar coding on pages printed from nearly every major printer manufacturer, including Hewlett-Packard Co., though its team has so far cracked the codes for only one type of Xerox printer. Source:
The question now is whether it is only printers, or there is a lot more under cover? Who can be sure now that they are not using their domination of the Technology market in order to track every move we make and every breath we take? I cannot stop myself from thinking that they may be recording our online behavior, there may be some logging systems to record our MSN, or Yahoo Messanger conversations, and may be Emails as well. May be there is some piece of code in our browsers to tell them what kind of sites we visit and when do we visit them. Anyway we are going to be tracked as long as we use technology and not create it ourselves. Tags: , , , , ,

Zamalekfans Is Back

After a long while of being out of service, ZamalekFans - one of the best Zamalek fans site - was back to service yesterday 11 PM. The site is more organized now and the new look is much better than the old one to. Site URL: Tags: , , , , , ,

18 October 2005

Want To Track My Comments

Sometimes I come across a blog post and feel like leaving a comment there, or asking its author some question. But the problem is that after a while I forget where did I comment and which blog was it in. So I hope they can develop a method in order to track the comments I left here are there. You know, some kind of comments book-marking or searching for my name in the other blogs comment section. Let me think for a solution, and may be there is one out there already. Tags: , ,

Kindergarten Gifts

It was the end of the school year, and a kindergarten teacher was receiving gifts from her pupils.
The florist’s son handed her a gift. She shook it, held it overhead, and said, “I bet I know what it is. Flowers.” “That’s right!” the boy said, “But, how did you know?” “Oh, just a wild guess,” she said. The next pupil was the sweet shop owner’s daughter. The teacher held her gift overhead, shook it, and said, “I bet I can guess what it is. A box of sweets.” “That’s right, but how did you know?” asked the girl. “Oh, just a wild guess,” said the teacher.
The next gift was from the son of the liquor storeowner. The teacher held the package overhead, but it was leaking. She touched a drop off the leakage with her finger and put it to her tongue. “Is it wine?” she asked. “No,” the boy replied, with some excitement. The teacher repeated the process, tasting a larger drop of the leakage. “Is it champagne?” she asked.
“No,” the boy replied, with more excitement. The teacher took one more big taste before declaring, “I give up, what is it?” With great glee, the boy replied, “It’s a puppy!”

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Know Yourself Test

Here you have a great chance to know about yourself. Please read this very carefully and reply the question very honestly. Imagine you have to choose one fruit to eat before being executed, what will you choose?
  1. Apple
  2. Banana
  3. Orange
  4. Peach
Now, write your answer down and be prepared to know who you really are.
  1. If you have chosen apple: this means that you are a person who loves to eat apples.
  2. If you have chosen banana: this means that you are a person who loves to eat bananas.
  3. If you have chosen orange: this means that you are a person who loves to eat oranges.
  4. If you have chosen peach: this means that you are a person who loves to eat peaches.
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17 October 2005

Polyphasic Sleep

Polyphasic sleep is a sleep pattern specification intended to compress sleep time to 2-5 hours daily. This is achieved by spreading out sleep into short (around 20-45 minute) naps throughout the day. This allows for more waking hours with relatively high alertness. The theory is that ordinary monophasic sleep consists of many phases, only a few of which are needed for survival. REM sleep, occurring quite late in the sequence, is commonly believed to be one such necessary phase. It is believed that after being deprived of sleep during an adjustment period, the brain will start to enter the required stages much quicker - with the result that each short nap consists almost solely of REM sleep. Some theories of sleep suggest that REM is largely responsible for the mental rejuvenation effects of sleep, but the role of REM sleep has in recent years been disputed. It has been documented that depriving rats of REM sleep specifically leads to death in 3 to 8 weeks (which doesn't happen with depriving test animals of other specific sleep phases), but it has also been documented that humans survive without REM sleep. Since polyphasic sleepers get a lot of Stage 4 NREM and REM sleep, they may achieve higher alertness levels than those who do not know the art of catnapping. Several famous people applied catnapping to a large extent. These include Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Edison and Buckminster Fuller. Other figures said to be associated with polyphasic sleep experimentation include Nikola Tesla, Napoleon, and Winston Churchill. This method was also popularized on Seinfeld, where the character Cosmo Kramer attempted to adapt to a polyphasic sleeping pattern. Source:
I think this kind of sleep pattern can be very usefult ot those who suffer from low sleeping hours in Ramadan, however I do not think that one can be used to it easily. Tags: , , , ,

Comedy Here, And Horror There

Is it me the only one who has noticed this? The horror movies are dominating the box-office this year. The Exorcism of Emily Rose, The Amityville Horror, The Ring Two, The Grudge, Dawn of the Dead, Saw, Boogeyman, and lately The Fog, they all have something in common. Their cast are not well known actors, the are box-office top-tenners, and for sure they are all scary movies. I only saw Saw and I liked it a little, and I heared they are going to release Saw II soon. It looks like horror movies seasons there, and a long lasting comedy season here. Tags: , ,

15 October 2005

Microsoft, Yahoo to Link IM Networks

Microsoft Corp. and Yahoo Inc. are set to announce on Wednesday a blockbuster interoperability deal that will reshape the landscape of the fragmented instant messaging market. The companies will connect their IM networks so users on each can communicate with one another using text and voice chat free of charge. Source: Tags: , , , , ,

Addicted to Google !?

Why does Google give software for free? Do they have any hidden agendas, or diabolic plans?
When I think of Google, I think of the arch-villain Mr. Big from the James Bond film Live and Let Die. His diabolical plan: Flood the streets with free heroin to drive out competing suppliers and dealers. Once users got hooked on his free smack, Mr. Big could leverage control over the entire market. Adam L. Penenberg, Slate
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14 October 2005

Blog Flavors

In fact I visited your blog more than once, but, I didn't leave a comment. I felt that your blog is too hi-tec for me:) Wonderer, Away from Home
Actually, I do not publish technical stuff here all the time. There are posts about Egypt, arts, movies I've seen lately, and sometimes uncategorized ones. So the question is, shall everyone have different blogs each has its own topic, i.e. one for posts in Arabic, one for those in English, one for politics, one for technical stuff etc.? I do have one blog for Arabic posts and other one - this one - for English ones. But I feel that having a blog for each particulat topic on its own, may lead to having many blogs that will be hard to manage, also this may lead to having blogs with a single or may be a couple of posts there. In fact I found that most of those who have more than three or four blogs, are updating one or to of them frequenlty, and leaving the rest of them not updated for months. One of the best solutions for that is the Tagging System Technorati uses in order to categorize different posts based on some keywords., and I started to add keywords at the end of my posts lately, however Blogspot do not offer a method of sorting your blog posts based on these categories or tags as many other blog hosting services do. Tags: , ,, What is it Good For !?

I've noticed lately that many users are having a link to a site called, however I don't know wat is it good for. Anyway I've decided to add a link to it here too, as it seems to be useful in some way or another. And will try to read more about it later in order to see what is that thing or may be hype. The link format looks like this: <a href = "[BLOG_URL]&title=[BLOG_TITLE]"> </a> Stuff to read: Tags: , ,