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21 March 2005

Started Learning JAVA

This week I decided to start learning JAVA. Actually I know some JAVA long time ago. But you know C - especially C under Linux - is my first love. So I wasn't planning to learn other languages nor code on other platforms, till i realized that being attached to one platform will limit my knowledge. Also since I like security and softwares exploting - actually I like it but dun have enough knowledge to start it - I decided to invade the Windows OS and may be the Cell phones by JAVA. I do believe that more vulnerabilitis are going to be found in mobile devices. More attacks are going to target this new systems. Anyways, after downloading the JAVA SDK, and NetBeans 4.0. I think I am going to write some pieces of code in order to get used to JAVA. Then I may take the move to write code on my Nokia 7650 cell phone. Tags: , ,