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28 May 2013

Git Forking

After our previous guide to github, now, let's say you want to contribute to a project already existing on github, how to do that?

First thing first, you go to the projects repository and fork it using the button shown in the figure below.

After that, you will be redirected to the page of the forked repository. You will also be given a URL for the forked repository as shown in the figure below.

Now, you create a new director, go there and type the following commands:

$ git init

$ git remote add origin [the URL show above]

$ git pull -u origin master

And, that's it!

19 May 2013

Nike+ first time user's experience

I really want to know if those people behind Nike+ running app on iPhone have ever heard of something called HCI/UX or not!?

Nike+ running app

Today I was using their app for the first time, and it asked me to login, giving me two options for that: A normal login with email and password or to login via Facebook. Despite the fact that I hate apps that contaminate my Facebook timeline with their updates once I sign in with Facebook, I chose the Facebook option as I struggle with remembering passwords for the endless apps one use everyday.

Signing with Facebook is meant to save us the effort of entering passwords for each application, right? Well, seems that Nike+ app doesn't agree with that. After signing with Facebook they asked me again to enter my birthdate, gender, and all those information they can simply grab from my Facebook account, and guess what, they asked me to create a new password too. What the eff!!? They didn't stop here, they even gave me a list of 5 criterion I have to adhere to when choosing my password. Choosing a weak password is my own problem, not theirs. They shouldn't tell me how my password should look like. Additionally, come on, I can choose a password that doesn't meet their password policy yet still stronger than the ones meeting it. So, again, I am the only one who have to decide how my password should look like here.