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24 November 2009

The Future of Baralbait

Every now and then we see people coming out with cool startup, and we also sometimes see other people shutting their own startups down. And each time I see any of those startups being shut down I keep asking myself, why did they take such decision. Does it really cost them a lot of money, and they don't have any revenue streams to cover their expenses?

But lately, I've been haunted by the idea of shutting Baralbait down. Baralbait doesn't cost me much money at all, so it's not financial reasons that makes me think of shutting it down. Also, I hate when people keep blaming the competition, yes, we have got Four Square, Bright Kite, Google Latitude, Loopt, Yahoo Friend on Fire, Dopplr, and so many other cool services that are more attractive than Baralbait, but it's not the competition that makes me wanna quit. And for sure dumbs are the only ones who prefer to blame the market - i.e. their users.

I've started Baralbait more than a year ago. And so for we have less than 100 users. Most of them, signed up, and gave Baralbait a try for few minutesn and never logged in again. I really, don't know if I am wasting my time trying to solve a problem that doesn't exist. But still I can't say that this is the real reason for me to take such decision, because I still believe that people always face problems when they decide to go out as they have to think of a place to go, something to do, and friends to arrange the outing with. So, I can tweak and morph my service more to be a suitable solution for such problems, as apparently it doesn't help in solving those problems so far.

In fact, I am still not sure why I want to quit, but may be I want to focus on other ideas that can be more useful to people than Baralbait.

PS. I haven't taken a final decision yet. I am still thinking about it, and your feedback will sure help me decide.