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17 December 2013

We Preach by Spamming

Once upon a time, I stumbled upon an online Quran application, back then I was studying human-computer interaction as a part of my MSc. degree, so I commented on twitter that most of the online Quran readers need to reconsider their design from a usability point of view.

Since then, and I receive dozens of spam tweets each day. They come from different people, yet they all contain the exact same message.

My only interpretation for this is that has an application that those pople trust and it uses their accounts to send those spammy messages to me.

I sent multiple spam reports to twitter, yet they don't even respond. Isn't it strange that some applications think that it is ok to abuse the trust of their users and spam someone in order to grab his attention to give them feedback about their application!? Isn't it disappointing that twitter don't give a shit to my daily spam reports!?