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01 November 2005

Arabic Enabled

In a previous post I've asked people if they prefer my English blog or my Arabic one more. Actually I myself prefer writing here in the English one, as I hate writing in Arabic on the PC. One of the reasons is that I can find the English letters more easily than the Arabic ones, also because when I want to say something I prefer to say it in Arabic but when it comes to writing I prefer it in English. Other than these previous reasons, the main reason to hate writing in Arabic on the PC, is that I believe that those programmers who are responsible for arabization are really bastards. And when you ever try writing in Arabic you will always see freak stuff like the following ones.
  • When you try to put a full-stop or an exclamation mark at the end of the sentence, the computer will put it at the beginning of it instead.
  • When there is a sentence of both Arabic and English letters, the computer will just makes its best to rearrange the letters so that no one will be able to read it.
  • Brackets and braces are real pain in the a**. (Where '*' = '*')
  • Trying to use the backspace and delete button will delete any letter but the one you really want to delete.
  • Sometimes copying and pasting a paragraph may result in rearranging the sentences there.
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  1. Hi ya
    on the question of what we like to see on your blog: just the way it is!! keep mixing / ritzy
    (no link today)

  2. what about autobidi? like in KDE, modern GTK apps and katoob?

    since katoob got autobidi I stopped suffering from these weird text direction problems

  3. I hate writing Arabic on the PC keyboard too.
    BTW, reference to your blog "spelling mistakes" don't forget to and an "N" to the first word in this post.:)) LOL

  4. Alaa: I dunno about that AutoBidi thing ... is it some feature in Linux text editors or what !?

    Wonderer: Thank you ;)

  5. I enjoy reading your blog in English as unfortunately I am only english speaking. Blogs can act as a bridge between different cultures. I love that blogging via the internet opens the world up to us for networking, sharing and conversing globally throughout. I have enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to familarizing myself with customs and celebrations of your culture.

  6. I don't know enough Arabic as of yet to really read your blog in Arabic, but I like it in English. You have a lot of interesting and eclectic stuff on here. Is it a mirror image, or are there significant differences?

  7. Jewel: Thank you and you are always welcomed here.

    Jason: Actually they are different the other one is more about Egypt and may be some religious and arabic language topics.

  8. the solution is easy. when you write in arabic, align to the right, then insert dir="rtl" between div and right. plz email me if I wasn't clear enough.

  9. Great... now I'm going to HAVE to learn Arabic....