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26 April 2005

Biased Papers

The last weekend both Ahly and Zamalek (The two most famous football teams in Egypt) were qualified to the quarter finals of the African Champions League. But as expected the Ahram daily newspaper treated the event differenlty. The one on the right is the issue 43237, Saturday 23 April 2005 and as you can see they put the Ahly draw with an Algerian team on the top of the firth page in a big space. And on the right is the issue 43239, Monday 25 April 2005 you can also notice that the Zamalek victory was published on the bottom of the page with smaller space.

23 April 2005

Shall I migrate to Thunderbird !?

I decided to migrate from MS Outlook to Mozilla Thunderbird. I have just imported my .pst file in it and started using it. So far it is ok; however some features are missing such as sending and receiving task and meeting requests, and some other minor issues. But on the other hand I like its Junk mail filters, also it seems to be lighter than Outlook which takes ages to start. I also like the idea of it being extensible so that I can download - or may be code later on - any needed feature as a plugabble extension. For example after getting it I found that it misses a celendar, then I found a calendar extension and installed it. One more feature I wanna look at later on is calendar sharing through a webDAV server (mod_dav). Another feature which is not in Thunderbird nor in Oulook and I think it may be a good add-on is a work-flow however it will need an integration with the mail server and I am not sure if Mozilla guys are planning to write their own mail server - to compete with MS Exchange - some day or not. Any ways I think I am gonna use Thunderbird for a week or so then decide if I am gonna migrate to it, or shall I revert back to my legacy Outlook. Tags: , , , , ,

22 April 2005

Mawled of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH&HF)

I'd like to congratulate the whole islamic world on the ocasion of the mawled - birth - of Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him and his family) on 12th Rabii Awal 1426 (21st April 2005) till the 17th Rabii Awal (26th April 2005), which is known as the week of islamic unity as well.