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30 September 2005

Homepages Are Dead, Long Live The Blogs *

Not a very long time ago, people used to have their own homepages on,, etc., and there they used to publish some info about themselves, their own photos, or some articles they write. But these pages were rarely updated as you have to edit - you had to know HTML - the entire page in order to add a new article or photo there. So, now more people are moving from the Homepage phenomenon to the Blog one, since it is much easier to add a new post to your blog everyday with no need to edit the entire page - just some clicks here and there - even if you don't know HTML at all. This is what made blogs more like a personal free newspaper where you can publish whatever articles you want to your online readers. I myself haven't updated my homepage since one year or so, and on the other hand I have published more than one hundred blogs during that year.

However homepages still excels the blogs in their organization, they can be organized by links and menus and not by date like blogs, and that's why it is still used in professional fields like companies sites, and online news sites, etc as information can be sorted by categories and organized in different menus. But will this continue to be true in the near future? O.K. Google's point of view is "Why sort your stuff, where you can search for them", and you may notice this in your Gmail account, where you cannot organize your mails into folders as you can just leave them as they are, and then search for the mail you want any time. And that's why I think that the lack of organization of the blogs will not be a problem anymore as long as they are searchable and indexed by searching engines. I also expect the blog hosting sites to have search plugins on the near future to be added to the blogs there. Finally, will there be someday where there will be "", "", and ""!?

* The title of this article is inspired by Gartner's article; "Intrusion Detection Is Dead, Long Live The Intrusion Prevention"

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Spanish Arabic Connection

This is a list of some Spanish words borrowed from the Arabic Language:
aceite — oil Alá — Allah alberca — tank, swimming pool alcade — mayor alcohol — alcohol aldea — village (same source as English word "alderman") algarroba — carob algodón — cotton algoritmo — algorithm alkimia — alchemy almohada — pillow alquiler — rent arroz — rice asesino — assassin atún — tuna ayatolá — ayatollah azafrán — saffron azúcar — sugar baño — bathroom berenjena — eggplant Corán — Koran cuzcuz — couscous espinaca — spinach fulano — what's-his-name gacela — gazelle guitarra — guitar hachís — hashish hasta — until imán — imam islam — Islam jaque — check (in chess) jaque mate — checkmate jirafa — giraffe limón — lemon mezquita — mosque momia — mummy muslim — muslim ojalá — I hope, God willing olé — bravo ramadán — Ramadan rehén — hostage rincón — corner, nook

Blog Honeypot

Some sites like and etc offer a service of seeing who is visiting your blog, where are they from, what operating systems do they use, and what search words do they used to come across your page. So I have an idea of making a blog post with different keywords in it to see which of these keywords are used most in people's searches. This can give you an idea about people's interests and what are the trends and common stuff that worry them at that time. I think there must be an advanced way to know that, like running your own search engine or so. But this is the easy and free however inaccurate way to do this. Note: This has nothing to do with Network Honeypots used in Network Security to capture Hackers and worms, and to help in creating Attack Signatures for Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems. I just used the same word as the keywords here will be like honey that will attract search engine queries to it. Tags: , ,

It's still 3:09 P.M.

Yesterday, the Daylight Saving Time (DST) has been ended here, and the noon is 12 again instead of 1 P.M. The day is very long now ... it's still 3:09 P.M. now. Hope they stop that DST thing one day as I think it is useless and doesn't save power or anything.

28 September 2005

Rest of The World

Once upon a time I was chatting on mIRC - I dun like IRC anyway - and then I asked some person where is he - actually I dun remember if it was a he or she - from? So he replied Georgia ... And obviously I expected that he means that country near Turkey and Russia, but later on I realized that he meant the American state where Atlanta 1996 Olympic games were held. The point is that it is very normal for the Americans to tell you the name of the state you live in when you ask them about their location instead of USA. It it the same thing as asking some foreigner from Egypt the same question and telling you he is from Aswan, Gharbeya, or even Western Desert Governorate. So are we supposed to know the names of the 50 states in USA!? Why do they think that USA is the whole world and everything else is the rest of the world!? Also it is very normal in US web sites -even if these sites are not for Americans only site - that you find in the drop-down list where you are supposed to choose your location, a list of the US states instead of the different countries of the world. So if you are not in USA, then nobody cares about the name of your country, you just live in the REST OF THE WORLD !!!

27 September 2005

Code Masturbation

Code Masturbation is an expression I created - I don't know if it has been created already or not - in order to describe the state where people like to write code (programs in C++, Java, Perl, Assembly, etc) independent on what is that piece of software and what it is supposed to do. Programmers sometimes like the feeling of solving tough problems, hacking on existing open source software's like (Snort, Apache, Linux Kernel, etc.) Sometimes writing code is like puzzles solving, where you have to have some imagination in order to find the optimum solution for your problem. So what is your favorite programming language, and is there an open source software that you like hacking on and learn much by reading it and the various techniques in it. For me I like C and like to learn much from Snort and the Linux Kernel.

Opera is now Free

The makers of the Opera Web browser has decided to make their product completely free - like Linus Trovalds the creator of Linux sait, "Software is like sex, it is supposed to be free" - and to remove the banner ads from its browser altogether. I’ve never been a huge Opera fan, but it’s known to be very rich features wise, but also comes with a slightly more complicated Interface than Firefox or IE. Obviously this move was inevitable, as Firefox is stealing the lights, and Opera is barely profiting from the Ads or the browser in the first place, as it controls only around 1% of the marketshare. If Opera browser is to gain more momentum it will have to be free.



GeoURL is a location-to-URL reverse directory. This will allow you to find URLs by their proximity to a given location. Find your neighbor's blog, perhaps, or the web page of the restaurants near you. All you have to do it to insert some meta-tag in your blog/page containing you location which can be got from here

Happy Birthday Google

Today it the seventh birthday of Google. You know, I wish I can know what are the stuff that people search for most. I think that they have to publish the top keywords searched for today and in the previous days or weeks.

26 September 2005

Basic NetScreen Firewall Configuration

Juniper NetScreen firewalls are one of the most popular firewalls when it comes to High End firewalls. They are installed in the major ISPs and Large Data Centers worldwide. So here is a basic intro to configuring a NetScreen firewall.

You first need a console and the default username and password are "netscreen"/"netscreen". Then you have to determine if you are going to install it in Layer-II mode or LayerIII. We are going to consider the Layer-II (Transparent) mode configuration.

First, put all the interfaces in Layer-II zones (V1-Trust, V1-Untrust, V1-DMZ)
set interface [interface-name] zone [zone-name]
Eg. set interface e1 zone V1-Trust
Then configure an IP address to VLAN1 interface (The management interface in case of Transparent mode operation)
set interface vlan1 ip [ip-address]/[subnet-mask]
Eg. set interface vlan1 ip
Now after adding the interfaces to different zones, there must be policies in order to allow traffic to cross the different zones ... policies is how you are going to decide who is allowed to communicate with who and with whcih TCP/UDP services
set police from [source-zone] to [destination-zone] [src-ip] [dst-ip] [service] {permit|deny} [log]
Eg. set policy from V1-Trust to V1-Untrust FTP permit
Network Configuration
PC1: (V1-Trust)
PC2: (V1-Untrust)


  1. In Transparent mode the firewall acts as a bridge in the way the traffic is forwarded, so it is normal for the hosts connected to the different interfaces to have IP addresses from the same subnet.
  2. The default behavior of the firewall is to block traffic between different zones, so you have to create policies in order to path traffic. However this default can be changed.
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IBM G40 Auto Update

This is a nice tool in order to update your IBM ThinkPad G40 Laptop drivers automatically.

25 September 2005

Ten Years Puzzle

There is a person whose 9th birthday will be after 10 years. So, can you guess how old it he now ?!
P.S. This person is born already.

24 September 2005

Selective Blindness

The United Nations suffers from some kind of disease called Selective Blindness, the symptoms of such illness that it can selectively see some stuff and other stuff are entirely hidden to it. One of the recent issues is the request for a resolution requiring that Iran be reported to the Security Council at an unspecified date over its failure to show its nuclear programme was entirely peaceful, while Israel on the other hand does have a Nuclear Arsenal already but the U.N. cannot see that anyway. Tags: , ,

What Is That !?

Ok, you don't know what the heck is this post about ... just see the previous post.

What Is This !?

Ok, you don't know what the heck is this post about ... just see next post.

Cross Site Scripting - XSS

Ok, I cannot find any good definition on XSS, so let me write my own one instead.
*** FIXME *** Cross Site Scripting (XSS): Is one of code injection attacks where the attacker inserts some code (or data in general) in a web server in order for that web server (or the victim's web browser) to show or execute that inserted data. *** FIXME ***.
There are three different types of XSS attacks according to wikipedia; however I am going to talk about the third type (Type number 2) here as it is the most interesting and dangerous.

Imagine a web forum where different users can post articles and comments etc. So an attacker can forge his post to contain some HTML tags or JavaScript in stead of clear text. So the result will be the execution of that HTML tags or JavaScript in the other forum visitors' browsers. This can be some HTML tag to redirect users to his own web page, or a JavaScript that can display an annoying message, steal the users session-ID (their logging to that forum), pop-up some window asking them about some info and then sending this info (like credit card number, email address, etc.) to some remote location.

This attack is not limited to web forums only as it can target any sites that takes input from users and displays this input later like blog comments, movies reviews, online web chatting systems, online computer games, etc. Emails can also carry such attacks but it may be called phishing, or Email fraud then.

Many solutions have been used in order to stop such attacks like disabling HTML tags or converting them to normal text before displaying them. Some forums use their own limited tags like [link:""] or [b] and [/b] etc.

23 September 2005

Block-Checker Removal

I have noticed lately that many people are infected by a spyware (adware) called Block-Checker. It sends automatic messages to the MSN contacts asking them to download this software in order to see who is blocking them, while it is a piece of crap that do nothing but showing some Ads and spying on you. Any ways, here is how to remove it if you are infected.
  1. Press ctrl+alt+del then choose processes tab and end the "block-checker" process.
  2. Go to the block checker folder( e.g. c:\program files\block-cheker) and delete the folder.
  3. Go to run > type regedit > press F3 and find every record with the name "blockcheck" and delete it (This step is optional)
Spread the word, and don't forget to inform me if it solves your problem.

22 September 2005

Fanoos Ramadan

Fanoos Ramadan or Ramadan's Lamp is one of the Egyptian traditions however it is known in many other Islamic countries now. The tradition started in the year 358 AH (Hijri) on the 15th of Ramadan when the Fatimi leader El Mo'ez Le Deen Allah enered Egypt, and the Egyptians recieved him with lamps and torches. And since then the Fanoos has been known as one of the main symbols of Ramadan and most of the people own it and light it in Ramadan, especially children. There has been also varios songs related to Ramadan talking about the Fanoos and the Mesaharaty - some one who wakes people up at night in order to eat before fasting. The tradition fanoos contained a candle in it, while today's ones have different shapes and using battries and LED's instead of candles.

Red Eye

Yesterday, I went to the Cinema to see a movie called Red Eye. It's about a woman who is kidnapped by a stranger - the actor looks so much like the Egyptian football player Ahmed Hassan - on a routine flight, and threatened by the potential murder of her father, in order to faciliate the murder of wealthy executive for them. The script is very trivial and everything is expected. The move is too short as well and the director didn't make anything to impress the spectators. I think the overall rating of the movie is "B". Tags: , ,

19 September 2005

Guess What Is In The Photo

Can you guess what is this !!?? Ok ... It's a piece of bread (Eish Balady) but after being decayed with a lot of fungus on it. I found it at some deserted place and hope you like it. Bon Appetit

Life Without Nescafe

This is one of the mugs of Nescafe that Abul Hassan our office boy at work used to make. I don't know how we will be able to survive in Ramadan without Nescafe !!

Manalaa Upgraded

I think that site has been upgraded as it is more stable now, and the blog feeds there are updated more frequently. Thumbs up for the site owners efforts.

101 Blogatians

The Pyramids of Guiza, Egypt. By the way, the topic is "101 Dalmatians" ... ehm "101 Blogatians" because this is my blog post number 101 here.

17 September 2005


I am pleased to announce that this is my Blog Post number 100, since I've started blogging on 19 February 2005. So it has been 100 post in 210 days, i.e. with the rate of 0.48 posts per day. I have received 38 comments on them, and I do believe it is a small number compared to the number of posts. There has been approximately 690 visitors till now - I didn't use a counter from the beginning. These are some statistics on the last 7 Months:
*** Click on image to enlarge ***
  • February: 3 Posts (0 comments)
  • March: 2 Posts (0 Comments)
  • April: 11 Posts (0 Comments)
  • May: 5 Posts (0 Comments)
  • June: 5 Posts (1 Comment)
  • July: 10 Posts (2 Comments)
  • August: 37 Posts (26 Comments)
  • September: 27 Posts (9 Comments)
  • Total: 100 Posts (38 Comments)
My Top 7 (Something between 5 and 10) Non Technical Posts: My Top 7 (I dun like to imitate the others, 5 ,10, etc.) Technical Posts: Finally, I'd like to thank all those who have visited my blog and looking forward to receive your comments and feedback.

Which Religion Is The Right One For Me?

I decided to take the (Which religion is the right one for you?) test and here are the results below. I am really satisfied with the results especially that it is 83% and not 88% ;)
You scored as Islam. Your beliefs are most similar to those of Islam. Do more research on Islam and possibly consider taking the shahadah and officially becoming a Muslim, if you aren't already. Despite the actions of some - who go against the teachings of Islam - Islam is a religion of peace; the word "islam" means "peace through submission to God." "Muslim" means "one who submits to God." Islam is the third of the three Abrahamic faiths, and it shares much with Judaism in Christianity; its differences are the acceptance of Muhammad as the last and final prophet, and the oneness of God - in other words, that Jesus, though he was a revered prophet, was not in fact God, and only one God exists. Apparently the Taliban could not read (though their name means "students"), because the Qur'an states that men and women are equal as believers, and that all believers should be educated and seek knowledge. Modesty in dress and behavior is required in Islam for both men and women to preserve the values of society and move the emphasis from superificial appearance to intelligence, knowledge, and God.


















Which religion is the right one for you? (new version) created with

16 September 2005

Internet Exploder

I usually use FireFox as my default web browser, and I never tried to see how my blog looks like in Internet Explorer. But today I tried to use IE to add a new post there, and as expected from any Microsoft product, I found it messed up there. The side menu is shown at the bottom instead of the right side of the page. I tried to edit the blog template in order to fix this but it was useless as IE is a real ass hole and refuses to show the blog the way it is supposed to be shown.

Paris Hilton Hacker Sent To Jail

A 17 year-old who earlier this year hacked into Paris Hilton's mobile phone has been convicted to an 11-month jail term in juvenile prison, the US Attorney of the District of Massachusetts said in a statement. In the high-profile hack last January, the computer whiz-kid gained access to Hilton's mobile device by hacking into the operator's computer systems. He then published the phone number of numerous celebrities found in the phone's address book, including Cristina Aguilera, Anna Kournikova and Eminem. The 17 year-old pleaded guilty to all charges, including hacking into the internet and telephone providers, together with theft of personal information and its disclosure on the web. He also admitted to making bomb threats against schools. According to Gartner, the data was compromised in one of two ways: someone hacked into the server at T-Mobile where the data resided; or someone stole her password either offline or online through phishing or keystroke-logging malware. "Whatever the method, this incident confirms Gartner's belief that service providers need to take an holistic view of combating fraud and break-ins. They must erect as many walls as possible, using a multi-channel, cross-silo system approach," said Litan. In order to better safeguard customer information, service providers should encrypt data, implement strict systems that manage access to this data and extend data protection methods used for credit card account information to all sensitive information. Gartner also believes that regulators should impose penalties and fines on service providers that do not safeguard sensitive customer data. "While there are some basic steps that consumers can take to protect their data, such as not sharing passwords, customers should not be held accountable for breaches and hacks beyond their control," said Litan. "The guardians of the data have to take steps to protect consumers and other customers."

Visiting Egypt

This is a very useful link for those who would like to visit Egypt. It contains contacts for travel agencies, hotels offers, also a lot of maps and info about Egypt.

Egyptian Museum

This is a link to the Egyptian Museum online;

Rainbow - Qous Qazah [Arabic]

This was the first time to see a real rainbow in the sky. It may no be that clear photo, however I like the scene of the rainbow colours surrounded by dark clouds. January, 2004

Fuzzy Lights

Fuzzy Lights at one of Cairo Nights December, 2003

15 September 2005

One Hundred Kisses

A Man wrote a letter to his wife:
Dear Sweet Heart, I can't send my salary this month, so I am sending 100 kisses. Your Hubby
His wife replied back after some days to her husband:
Dearest Hubby, Thanks for your 100 kisses, I am sending the expenses details.
  1. Milk man agreed on 2 kisses.
  2. Teacher agreed on 7 kisses.
  3. Our house owner is coming every day and taking two or three kisses of mine.
  4. Vegetable and food shop keeper did not agree on kisses only, so I have given some other items to him.
  5. Others 40 kisses
Please don't worry for me, I have balance 35 kisses and I hope I can complete this month. Shall I plan same way for next months, Please advise?

14 September 2005


By definition, a woman is a book you like to read but hardly understand.

Egyptian Metal

I like to listen to Metal and Alternative Rock music, so I am wondering why there is no Egyptian nor Arabic metal bands, and why there is no metal music in Arabic. One day we were in a friend's birthday and a French girl there told us that she feel that all the Arabic songs are the same. It may be because it is a foreign music to her and that why she felt they are all similar, the same thing that happens when we listen to Indian songs and see them all the same. But also she may have a point since all Arabic music are categorized under one or two genres, which is somehow POP music. There has been lately some attempts to make RAP songs like MTM band or Techno music however they are not mature enough. We may also have our own genres different than the western ones but we have to have different kinds and categories of music and each shall has its unique personality.

Manalaa Algorithm is an egyptian site that contains many useful services including a News Feed as weel as some Egyptian Blog Feed. They show posts from differen Egyptian Bloggers and show them and consolidate them in one portal. I this is done using a PHP script that can extract the Blog posts from the RSS or ATom feed and put it in some kind of DataBase - may be MySQL or PostgresSQL - and then show the DB contents on their page. But the script seems to use some special algorith in order to traverse the different blogs every certain period, as it sometimes show some blog post after others even if they are published earlier than them. So I think that the script may be visit some bloggers more frequent than others based on their activity or importance or whatever. Anyways I'd like to thank them for their effort and I with that they add some statistics for the more active bloggers, the most comented on posts, at what time of day do people post new articles more, etc.

13 September 2005

Blog Patrol Crack

There is a site called BlogPatrol that offer a cool tool in order to see some statistics about your blog visitos. You have to create an account there (username and password) and then add a piece of code to your blog. And in order to see your site statistics you have to go to and enter your username and password there. But I have noticed that they do not check for any Session-ID or so, i.e. you can use the following URL and change the "11111" value to any other value to see different blog statistics. But now you may be wondering how to find the statistics for a specific blog, i.e. you find some blog and wand to know the ID to use instead of the "11111" in our example. In that blog view page source, and there you will find the following "", where "12345" is that blog's ID.

12 September 2005

Nice Article About OOP

This is a nice article about Object Oriented Programming written at Cairo Cafe Blog. That's a very good effort from the blog owner. Hope you all find it useful as I did.

Blog Social Engineering

What is Social Engineering any way?
In the field of computer security, social engineering is the practice of obtaining confidential information by manipulation of legitimate users. A social engineer will commonly use the telephone or Internet to trick people into revealing sensitive information or getting them to do something that is against typical policies. By this method, social engineers exploit the natural tendency of a person to trust his or her word, rather than exploiting computer security holes. It is generally agreed upon that “users are the weak link” in security and this principle is what makes social engineering possible. Wikipedia
So, It's not recommended to put many personal information on your blog as malicious users may extract these information in order to attack you. People sometimes forget that others are reading their blogs and begin to write stuff that the others are not supposed to know about them. Imagine the that you are writing in your blog how you have successfully configured you XYZ ADSL modem and showing people the configuration you are using in order to HELP them configure their simillar CPE's. It is really very nice idea, but did you check this configuration first to see if it doesn't contain IP addresses or clear-text password.

eBay Bought Skype

Ebay today announced that it will purchase VoIP company Skype in a deal valued between $2.6 and $4.1 billion. The acquisition will allow the online auction leader to access Skype's 54 million users and further diversify its revenue streams with Skype's VoIP services - while free PC-to-PC-based calls will continue to be offered.

Just 4 Years

Four years have passed since September 11, 2001. Just four years and one day, but huge changes in the whole world.

07 September 2005

Kazaa Under Arrest

The Federal Court of Australia found that Kazaa violated Australian copyright law by authorising users to infringe music companies' copyright in recordings. The court ordered that the P2P (Peer to Peer) firm must install filters to prevent future violations. The problem is that many Music Creators are fighting the P2P File Sharing programs (Kazaa, eDonkey, eMules, Shareaza, BitTorrent, iMesh, Morpheous, BearShare, etc.) in order to prevent the distribution of copyrighted music freely. You may also notice that many years ago there were many websites for downloading music (MP3s), but it seems that the music industry plaintiffs won their fight against these websites. Google also faced a similar problem at their Project Google Print, where publisher disagrees on scanning books and presenting them online to the public. It's really scary to imagine that someday you may be put to jail for copying an MP3 file or a Movie to one of your friends.

03 September 2005

I Am The Master Of My Fate

Invictus It matters not how strait the gate, How charged with punishments the scroll, I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul. By William Ernest Henley

Know Who Links To You

So, you wanna know who is having a link on his site to your blog !? Go to or and search for this:
Don't forget to replace "" by your actual blog URL.

02 September 2005

Does Google Like You !?

Many Webmaster and bloggers are worried about their hompages and blogs popularity in the search engines like MSN, Yahoo, Google, etc. One way to increase your site popularity is to have many links pointing to it, which may increase the possibility of the web crawlers to come across your site and the more they come across it the more popular it is. This can be done by making your friends link to your site, or by adding it to some web-ring or whatever. Also one trick some people do, is by adding some phrases in their site even if they are irrelevant to the site contents such as (Microsoft, Windows, Sex, United States, War, Love, Free, Crack, Hack, Movies, etc.) which they expect many people will use in their search queries; this s sometimes known as search-engine-spam.

Link To Us

Do you like this Blog and want to add a link to it on your Site/Blog ?? Gr33n-Data Banner:
< a href= "" > < img src= "" > < /a >
Kelmeteen Banner:
< a href= "" > < img src= "" > < /a >

Spammers Are Here

Yesterday after adding a new post here, I found 9 comments on it added in no time ... Oh, what's so important about it to receive such number of comments that quickly. But after seeing those comments I founds that they are all Spam. So spammers have found their way to bloggers too, by adding silly comments just to advertise some useless products (such as Viagra, slimming pills, some human organs enlargement, voyages to Hawaii, etc), or to give their sites more popularity in the search engines. One nice thing I have found and I am using now is called Word Verification. In the Blog settings, the Comments section you can enable an option called Word Verification that may help in fighting the muttafaka spammers.

Alexandria Corniche

Alexandria is the chief seaport in Egypt, and the country's second largest city. It is Located on the Mediterranean Sea coast.

In Their Eyes

Some foreigners have a really funny idea about Egypt. They think that we ride camels and live in tents, and that we have no buildings nor streets. It's similar to what we think about Indian people riding elephants or Nigerian people living on the trees which is so untrue. Any way I decided to add every now and then some pictures I take with my Nokia 7650 mobile phone camera to different places in Egypt hoping that this may change how the others see our beloved Egypt.
Gameat El Dowal Street, December 2003

01 September 2005

EGLUG - GNU/Linux InstallFest

The 2nd GNU/Linux InstallFest will be held in the CultureWheel - River hall on Saturday the 10th of September 2005 at 9:00 AM.