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03 October 2005

El Mesaharaty

El Mesaharaty is one of the traditional characters that are related to the month of Ramadan. Since people fast - stop eating and drinking - in Ramadan from dawn to night. The Mesaharaty used to pass by houses before dawn in order to wake people up by striking on a small drum and singing some songs in order to remind them to eat before dawn. The name of that supper is Sohour, and that why he is called mesaharaty, i.e. the one who reminds people by sohour. Nowadays after the presence of clocks and different kinds of reminders and alarms, the Mesaharty has disappeared from our lives, however he remains as one of the main symbols of Ramadan beside The Fanoos - Ramadan's Lamp - and Madfaa El Eftar - Breakfast Gun.