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20 October 2005

BlogRoll Me

Most of the Blogs here have a list of their favorite blogs in their own blog side-bar. But the problem is every time you come across a blog you like, you have to copy its URL, then go to your blog's template and edit it in order to add that blog link there. That's why you can use the BlogRoll service in order to simplify such task. You first have to create and account there, Then add a piece of code to your site - most probably in your sidebar - that can show the list of blogs in your bookmark, and the list is updated automatically whenever you add a new link there.
<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript" src=""> </script>
Adding a bookmark can be done by logging into BlogRoll site and adding it from there, or simply that blog owner can add a link like the following one for people to click on in order to add him/her to their bookmark list.

Click here in order to add me to you BlogRoll bookmarks

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  1. I liked this idea. I finished my HTML today, so now I understand what are you saying:)
    True, I felt that it is hectic to copy the URL of every blogger and post it in my templete. I guess this code will make life easy:)

  2. C'mon you are learning quickly. Well done and dun hesitate to ask if you need any help. And you can get me "Mesaba7a" or "7alawet El Gebna" in return :)