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31 October 2005

Spaling Mestaques ... Who Cares !?

Do you really care when you find some spelling mistakes in a blog post? Can they be one of the reasons for visiting or not visiting a specific blog? But, if you can really get what is written there, so why do you care about the mistakes anyway? Actually for me I feel is as some kind of disrespect. I also don't like it when people use the Internet shorthand writing style ... u sur no wt um takin abt, aint u!? For me it is like "I do not have enough time to write the whole thing". Ok, if you really don't have time to write I also don't have enough time to read what you wrote. And yes sometimes I can accept it when writing is a real pain in the a**, for example, when writing an SMS on mobile phones with their 12 buttons,where you have to use multiple key strokes in order to write a single letter. I also don't like typos - when you hit on a key instead of another while using a keyboard., especially when there are spell checkers everywhere now. I really appreciate it when someone contacts me in order to tell me that there is a spelling mistake or even grammatical mistake in a certain post I have written earlier. Tags: , , ,