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31 October 2005

Spaling Mestaques ... Who Cares !?

Do you really care when you find some spelling mistakes in a blog post? Can they be one of the reasons for visiting or not visiting a specific blog? But, if you can really get what is written there, so why do you care about the mistakes anyway? Actually for me I feel is as some kind of disrespect. I also don't like it when people use the Internet shorthand writing style ... u sur no wt um takin abt, aint u!? For me it is like "I do not have enough time to write the whole thing". Ok, if you really don't have time to write I also don't have enough time to read what you wrote. And yes sometimes I can accept it when writing is a real pain in the a**, for example, when writing an SMS on mobile phones with their 12 buttons,where you have to use multiple key strokes in order to write a single letter. I also don't like typos - when you hit on a key instead of another while using a keyboard., especially when there are spell checkers everywhere now. I really appreciate it when someone contacts me in order to tell me that there is a spelling mistake or even grammatical mistake in a certain post I have written earlier. Tags: , , ,


  1. Misspellings put me off, my own most of all. I misspelled "sovereignty" earlier today and it irritated me no end.

    I refuse to read those internet shorthand things. And I don't insist on perfection but I wish people would at least try. I worry about folks who think every time a word ends with "s" it must need an apostrophe.

    Tarek, do you really want corrections?

  2. Yeah sure, when there is something just tell me.

  3. If you have time to do so fo sure.

  4. Okay, well, you know sometimes people SAY that, but when you DO...

    "A friend of me - Zein Wali - and I were trying to understand women behavior, and we came out with a theory that women are like sinusoidal wave."

    A friend of mine; women's behavior; women are like a sinusoidal wave.

    But congratulations for saying "and I" and not "and myself", which 99% of people do and it drives me nuts.

    "And the negative cycle is considered to most critical phase as depending on the other partner behavior"

    considered the most critical phase, depending on the other partner's behavior; "as" not needed

    "Some constant, however more recent studies claims that it is function in the women itself, time, and the surrounding environment"

    more recent studies claim; rest of the sentence is unclear.

    "more steady behavior that this one above"

    than this one above

    OK, stop now, right?

  5. Tarek,

    [suddenly conscious of what I'm typing]

    I don't know if you know this but here in Singapore we have a totally ripped version of English.
    (It's called Singlish)

    I tink if u was here, u'd go crazee.


  6. Laura: All mentioned mistakes have been corrected, by the way most of the mistakes are done when I am thinking in sometinh and writing something else, or when ... you know somtimes I write some lines then go back to add one more point without editing the previous lines to match it ... anyways thanks :)

    Obese: We do have our own version of English here too ... Arabinglish or so.

  7. I have gotten positively compulsive about going back and re-reading my posts and comments, even though probably nobody cares but me. Still things slip through and I hate that.

    My biggest problem is writing things by hand. My handwriting is unspeakably bad anyway,and I leave out letters or write whole words that I didn't mean to write. There's probably a name for that. I type as much as possible.

    As to Singlish and Arabinglish: We American Southerners have our own colloquialisms, of course, like "folks" and "I reckon" and so forth. I don't try to leave those out of my communications, except formal ones. Black Americans have their own dialect, which gets mixed in with ours to a degree. Example - I hurt my back a few years ago, and my black coworker told me that she told the boss, "If Laura back is threw out, we in deep sh-t." Just like that. It cracked me up when she told me that. And I took something back to another coworker to fix, just a tiny mistake he made but it couldn't go like that, and as he fixed it he murmured, "You be lookin', don't you." I work with so many black people that black English starts sounding right to me, but it sure sounds funny when it pops out in my very "white" voice.

  8. I'm not really the moron my spelling mistakes make me out to be, although my general content may prove otherwise.
    I don't bother with spell checking. I sometimes give a quick read-over after I have written my entry and sometimes I find errors. I only fix the major ones (such as "can" instead of "can't", and the like) that alter the intended meaning. I look at it in two ways: 1) If I were worried about structure, composition, spelling, and literary criticism I wouldn't make half the entries I do, and 2) You get what you pay for. The advantage of the blog is the ability to share ideas information. I wonder if spell check even recognizes Blog as a word.

  9. Jewel: As you may notice, I've said "Can they be one of the reasons for visiting or not visiting a specific blog?" ... i.e it is one factor of many other ones. Anyway I am with you that the spell checker here sucks but you can just ignore what you want. Finally it is not about writing an error free posts it is just to do your best and at the end of the day we do blog for fun and as you said "You get what you pay for. The advantage of the blog is the ability to share ideas information."

  10. One more thing, I think that in the comment section people may do whatever errors they want as they do not have the ability to edit what they have written.

  11. well...even with using spilling checkers some mistakes slip a way..."as fo dis kinda of ritings"...i don't like it...n' i guess it w'd be a disaster if got used to such for the short-hand writing...come on it's not that bad!...n' it's not like i don't have the time to write the whole "and"...but it's much easier n' kinda the way i love the way blacks talk n' i consider it a perfectly healthy English :)...since i listen to rap music like 20/7...i guess it's more like an attitude thing...

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  13. Tarek,
    "One more thing, I think that in the comment section people may do whatever errors they want as they do not have the ability to edit what they have written."

    oh thats a relief!
    i was starting to get self concious about it before i post anything on your blog .. lol

    but you're right about the short hand thing, i get irritated when i read a sentence like "wut da hell du ya mean ma man, dad wusnt gud" .. makes my poor soul squirm.

    with spelling mistakes, unless you're handing in an essay or a report or something, is ok, but like you said with spelling checkers all over no one has an excuse.

  14. tark ..using short hand writing style is not as you think should take thing easier :D

  15. I have to admit that reading short hand post could be annoying at times.But when it comes to real typing or grammatical mistakes,not everyone takes it well.
    Last time i tried telling a friend he had a mistake on his profile , he had a strange reaction.He gave me that attitude as if i was telling him that the mistake was the only thing i noticed in his profile.How on earth could i have not drawn his attention that he had misspelled the phrase "an interesting guy " for "an interesting ga* "?
    However , When i first started my blog(not a long time ago by the way)some of my friends told me to wright it in slang or shorthand.They thought that'd make it less sophisticated and more interesting.I try not to use shorthand a lot though.
    So , don't go hard on the ones who use it . They mean no disrespect. They are just talking .

  16. tab leh keda bas ya tarek.. i always have typos :$ *bteksefni keda*
    i try wallahi to pay much attention to my typing.. but something in side me resists sticking to a certain rule, even if its spelling :)

    that was my problem since very young, in arabic an english as equal!!

  17. Ok, let it be ... Everyone shouldn't have spelling mistakes, nor typos except Blueue :)