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27 October 2005

Long Blog Posts

I am not sure if I am the only one who do this or not, but whenever I come across a long blog post I don't read it. May be one of the main reasons that make me read a post is the time it will take me to read it, as well as how attractive is its title. I also do the same thing in newspapers, magazines, web pages, etc. Anyways, may be it is just me who get bored quickly. Tags: , ,


  1. It depends on whether the subject is interesting to me or not. I usually read the first paragraph to decide if I will read the whole thing or not.

  2. Depends on the subject ...and the blogger for me...there are blogs I read almost daily and I feel they've become sort of friends... these I read ..long or not... however; there are others I come across sometimes... here it depends on the title and beginning of the post ...

    As for magazines, articles, web pages...of course... like you said depends on the title and subject... and sometimes I may read the whole thing but not really reading .. more like "scanning"...

  3. tarek : i do the same sometimes when i dont have time :)

  4. No, it doesn't matter whether the blog is one of my favorites or not.
    Also a photo besides the blog post may attract me to it sometimes.
    And yeah speed reading may be helpful sometimes, but dun get used to it as it is not good while reading the Quraan, you may miss the tashkeel - harakat - then.

  5. I guess you won't read my comment as it is quite long:))

    I share (me) her opinion, it depends on the subject and above all the blogger.

    "there are blogs I read almost daily and I feel they've become sort of friends... these I read ..long or not... "

    Sometimes when I find a long post from a blogger-friend and I don't have time to read it, I simply copy the post and paste it in a word document to read it later when I have time.

  6. Actually your comments are always to the point, so I'll read it :)

  7. i 2nd you in that ya tarek again..

    and by the way.. you've been tagged ;)
    go to my blog

  8. 7alawtek, it seems that I am supposed to accept your tag as well as wonderers early one.
    Stay tuned :)

  9. How about books, Tarek? Do you scan long descriptive passages until the story picks up? Skip ahead to see if it's a book you want to finish?

    When my husband reads a book, he starts at the first word and reads word-by-word until the end. I can't STAND to do that unless there's lots of action. I will slow down and re-read passages that are interesting or appear important. So he gets all the details and sometimes misses the big picture, and sometimes I think I have the big picture but I'm totally wrong because I skipped a detail. Anyway, it makes for interesting conversation when we've both finished a book. And because I read faster, I usually get the book first.
    : )

  10. Reading is fundamental. I figure if they took the time to write it I can take the time to read it.

  11. Tarek, I tend to be like you. My attention span tends to be rather short. However, if I have a blogging relationship with someone, I will take the time to read a longer post. Usually the content is good.

    There are a couple of occasions when I have made long posts, and I felt guilty doing it. But I did it anyway!