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14 October 2005, What is it Good For !?

I've noticed lately that many users are having a link to a site called, however I don't know wat is it good for. Anyway I've decided to add a link to it here too, as it seems to be useful in some way or another. And will try to read more about it later in order to see what is that thing or may be hype. The link format looks like this: <a href = "[BLOG_URL]&title=[BLOG_TITLE]"> </a> Stuff to read: Tags: , ,

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  1. I don't use it as much as I should but is one of the biggest Web 2.0 things. The beauty is that you can see what everybody else is tagging or 'bookmarking' which gives you an idea of what's moving on the Internet at the moment. That's the social part, you're sharing bookmarks. It's also about organization, if I have fivehundred bookmarks in my browser folder, it's not that easy to find the sites that I need if I only remember the topic and not the site name. With delicious I use tags to describe the content, so if I need to find a site about middle east politics it will be quite easy, for sure "Mideast" and "politics" will be the tags I have categorized the site with.

    For blogging on Blogger, you can use delicious to make categories for your blog. E.g. set up topic departments. I would like to have all posts about election filed under election, about blogging filed under tech AND blogging etc. All I would need to do is to put a code in my blogposts that automaticaly makes a bookmark /tag on delicious. Then my readers would be able to use my categories on delicious to find everything I written about election, blogging etc.

    It would be fairly easy to set up, the site A Consuming Experience in my blogroll describes how to do it. But for now I'm quite happy with Technorati; a search from my site on any key world will return just about everything I said on that topic.