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30 October 2005

Women = SIN(2 * Pi * K * t)

A friend of mine - Zein Wali - and I were trying to understand women's behavior, and we came out with a theory that women are like a sinusoidal wave. The sinusoidal wave is filled with ups and downs and positives and negatives, and so are women. This may be because they have period every month or so, and that's why they are just as periodic as the sine wave.
You may notice that the sine equals to zero when the X-axis (Time in our case) value is zero, and that is how it looks like when you are starting a relation with some woman. Then it goes up in the positive direction as you get to know her more. This may be noticed as the intensity and the frequency of phone calls, meetings, etc. Then for no reason the curve goes down, however some may claim that it is some kind of strategy they use in order to make them look more desirable. And the negative cycle is considered to most critical phase depending on the other partner behavior it may go up again to the positive part or just return to zero and stay there.

The function shown below can be useful to represent the strength of the relation with time.
Women = SIN(2 * Pi * K * t)
  • Pi: 3.1415 (Radian), or 90 (Degrees)
  • K: Some constant, however more recent studies claim that it is function in the women itself, time, and the surrounding environment
  • t: time
Recent studies are trying to make some kind of emotional rectifier in order to reach more steady behaviour than this one above. Also some studies think that this may be solved by knowing many women so that when any of them is in her negative phase you can easily dump her for another one in her positive phase, however there are many ethical issues regarding such solution.

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  1. Well i'm the friend referred to in the blog :)
    actaully as i read it again, i might wanna add some refinemnet to the models (at least for being the math guy :) )

    well i wanna say women = e(-Z*t) sin(2*pi*k*t)

    where e(-Zt) is the decaying factor, as normally in every relationship it decays with time. with less passion and exctiment about it.

    Z: the decay time factor. depends on the women, the partner's behavior. by enlarging this factor reltionship may succesfully last longer. it is tunable and dynamic

  2. I'd like to thank Zein for this valuable addition :D

  3. "Recent studies are trying to make some kind of emotional rectifier in order to reach more steady behavior that this one above."

    Now, you know you would be bored.

  4. So you mean that making it more steady may let it be more boring, or what?

  5. Well, yeah. You think you want us to be the same all the time?

    Kidding aside, the hormonal swings aren't very much fun for us. I saw a list one day of all the things PMS could stand for: Pass My Shotgun, for example, and Pardon My Sobbing. I am ordinarily not a drinking woman, but sometimes I want a rum-and-coke when it's like that, and believe me, my spouse falls all over himself preparing it for me.

    But kidding not aside, you really wouldn't want us to be the same all the time, would you?

  6. You know, may be we as engineers always want things to be perfect, that's why.

  7. Yeah, you engineers always want to FIX things. I have heard some funny jokes ....

  8. In relation to post by Laura(Southernxyl)PMS Defined!
    The many meanings of P-M-S:

    1. Pass My Shotgun
    2. Psychotic Mood Shift
    3. Perpetual Munching Spree
    4. Puffy Mid-Section
    5. People Make me Sick
    6. Provide Me with Sweets
    7. Pardon My Sobbing
    8. Pimples May Surface
    9. Pass My Sweatpants
    10. Pissy Mood Syndrome
    11. Plainly; Men Suck
    12. Pack My Stuff
    13. Putting up with Men’s S***

    and finally,
    14. Potential Murder Suspect

  9. Ah Wallaaa!!..."easily dump her for another one in her positive phase"...but also keep in mind that some studies shows that some women become homicidal during their negative phase...well that will certainly give them a MOTIVE :D...
    Well at least women have biological reasons for their ups n' downs...what's ur excuse?!...
    lool..."Pass My Shotgun"...i had this pic. in mind of ur spouse falling all over himself handling it to u :D...

  10. Sharks, between you and me ... I didn't get that PMS thing :(

  11. u mean...PMS - Abbreviation for premenstrual syndrome. Symptoms include irritability, moodiness, weight gain, and bloating just prior to the onset of menstruation.

  12. PMS stands for Pre-Menstrual Syndrome, those hopefully few days every month when a woman could cheerfully rip the head off anyone who crosses her path. - And never, never suggest to a woman that you think she is having it. One symptom is craving chocolate (hence Provide Me with Sweets - thanks for the list, Jewelgurl!) My husband used to go to the store and bring back a bag of Hershey's kisses and ask me, "Is it time for this?" I'd grab the bag and snap, "What do you mean! Give me that!" But we both laughed about it.

    Actually, I have pretty much learned to just keep my mouth shut and stay away from people when it's bad, and it isn't bad every month. But my 18-year-old daughter - oh, my.

  13. That was an Interesting post. And you'd like to write one or wonder why its MENstrual, MENopause and HIStory. Oh well, the circle of life. Everything has its reasons and thoughts. =)

  14. Question: why did you file this under humor?

  15. Daffo: That's is really interresting

    Jason: I think you are right,it is just pure science.