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14 October 2005

Blog Flavors

In fact I visited your blog more than once, but, I didn't leave a comment. I felt that your blog is too hi-tec for me:) Wonderer, Away from Home
Actually, I do not publish technical stuff here all the time. There are posts about Egypt, arts, movies I've seen lately, and sometimes uncategorized ones. So the question is, shall everyone have different blogs each has its own topic, i.e. one for posts in Arabic, one for those in English, one for politics, one for technical stuff etc.? I do have one blog for Arabic posts and other one - this one - for English ones. But I feel that having a blog for each particulat topic on its own, may lead to having many blogs that will be hard to manage, also this may lead to having blogs with a single or may be a couple of posts there. In fact I found that most of those who have more than three or four blogs, are updating one or to of them frequenlty, and leaving the rest of them not updated for months. One of the best solutions for that is the Tagging System Technorati uses in order to categorize different posts based on some keywords., and I started to add keywords at the end of my posts lately, however Blogspot do not offer a method of sorting your blog posts based on these categories or tags as many other blog hosting services do. Tags: , ,


  1. hi there:)
    I guess I was an influence to this post:)))
    In fact, I don't like having more than one blog. I feel it is very confusing for the reader. Also, as you said, it is not easy to keep them all updated. Most of the time when I found more than one blog for the same blogger. I choose only ONE (the most updated) and stick to it. I never try reading the other blogs:(
    Maybe, ppl say: I am stupid ... I don't care. After all, I feel that the blog is "ME, MYSELF and I". I have to post everything that comes to my mind, no matter what the subject is about:) I like your tagging system tech., will try to use it:)
    Good Luck,