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09 October 2005

Who is Supposed to Control the Internet !?

I came across the following post about the argue over who is supposed to control the Internet.
Europe wrestles with U.S. over control of the Internet The 25 countries in the European Union (EU) are putting additional pressure in the United States to turn over control of the Internet to the United Nations. The U.S. insists that the information highway must remain under its control for strategic reasons. Details:
But let me ask first, is there some specific country or certain group of countries who are supposed to control the Internet? And why shall it be either USA or EU? How about the other nations of the world who use the Internet too? Don't they have the right to participate in that if the control thing is a must anyway? I myself don't believe that the Internet is supposed to be controlled, or at least a minimum number of rules may be used. And these rules and laws shall be made by every country that uses the Internet and not some specific ones. There may be some international organization for that, which may belong to the UN or so.

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