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09 October 2005

Who is Supposed to Control the Internet !?

I came across the following post about the argue over who is supposed to control the Internet.
Europe wrestles with U.S. over control of the Internet The 25 countries in the European Union (EU) are putting additional pressure in the United States to turn over control of the Internet to the United Nations. The U.S. insists that the information highway must remain under its control for strategic reasons. Details:
But let me ask first, is there some specific country or certain group of countries who are supposed to control the Internet? And why shall it be either USA or EU? How about the other nations of the world who use the Internet too? Don't they have the right to participate in that if the control thing is a must anyway? I myself don't believe that the Internet is supposed to be controlled, or at least a minimum number of rules may be used. And these rules and laws shall be made by every country that uses the Internet and not some specific ones. There may be some international organization for that, which may belong to the UN or so.

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  1. I have been pondering this issue for a few days - this idea of who should control the Internet. Hopefully, world leaders can come up with a system that is fair and equitable. It will be interesting to see other comments on this topic.

  2. The issue at hand as I understand it is about who will control the domain registry for the .com, .org .etc suffixes which traditionally has been ICANN's task. Some notes: that "the US" is controlling the Internet is not really true, Internet today is of course made up of servers around the world, but for domain reg's, allright. The reason why it's been so is historical; the Internet was made in the US and grew first in the US (in fact the Internet was first made by the military, went to academics, then the public). A second thing to notice is that ICANN and similar organisations are not strictly 'US' organizations. They have members from all over the world and meet i different countries all time. The board is elected by members from the whole world. Last time they met in Cairo is about 4 years or so ago. The Internet is also controlled by different organizations, such as the world Internet society. I don't know if our own Min. of comm. dr. Tarek Kamel i still a member of the board, but he certainly was some years ago.

    anyway, just some thoughts that popped up when I came accross your post

    all best

  3. PS: le't leave the Internet free form politician's control! I couldn't stand the thought of it being pushed around the corridors of the UN or the EU!

    PSII: there's another point to that and it's that the Internet is largely commercial - the owners of the servers have rights as well, I'm not so sure we need politics in this, multinational orgainsations, non governmental that is, would be better