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29 October 2005

Who's Next?

I was bored and decided to pick a random blog to read. So I used that button at the top here, "NEXT BLOG>>", in order to find some blog. The first blog I came across was in French, so I skipped to the next one which was a Malaysian girl's blog. The posts there are either in Malaysian or in ... you know that "wlkm 2 ma lil blog, itz kewl 2 c ya heeer" stuff. So I moved to the next one, it is a picture blog so there is no need to read, but wait what kind of freak people are these, the first picture is of a woman who look like a witch with that witches hat on her head, the next picture is of a baby dressed like a chicken and sleeping in a big dish!, then another photo of the sky, and one for a hamburger sandwitch ... Ok that's enough, it's time to move to the next blog. Ok, here we go, this one is what I call a "Typical Chinese Girl Blog", it's all in pink with a lot of photos of herself and her friends, and a banner on the top that reads "LaZy CoZy mAP of heArT" .... ughhhhhhh. Seems that I have to click on the magical "NEXT BLOG>>" button once more. Finally a human being blog, It's a blog with two contributors, let's read the first post then ... Ok, I got it now, it is only one contributor and another user that's called "Free For All Guest - 11/25/2005" is an anonymous account there. They have a really nice idea by letting people login by this anonymous account every Friday and publish whatever the want to post there. Most of these anonymous contributors posts look like a brief thank you to the blog owner and then introducing themselves in one or two paragraphs, here is one girl talking about how here boyfriend dumped her, and another one saying that he likes baseball ... Anyways the idea is good but I dun feel really like reading that crap. The next blog is in Portuguese - with those weird ~ signs over the letter a -, and then the following one is in Spanish - I should have expected this. Then a blog of someone who looks like he gave up blogging, there is only a single post there with the phrase "Welcome to my Blog" there. The next one, he has many post all with different phrase that links to the same URL, which seems that he is doing some Search Engine Spamming or so. The next one is a woman who is giving people advises on running their own business from home and some marketing tips. I am damn sure that what she means by small business is cooking and making napkins.
OK ... That's it ... I didn't really expect to see such big number of FREAKS in the Bloggers-Land. It seems that it is time to go to sleep now!!

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  1. all bloggers are freaks man !! Get out while you can : Bahahaha (runs screaming into the night )

  2. ya sabr ayoub, I tried this magical button "next blog" before, but I couldn't stand to surf more than 2 blogs and both of them were full of b***t.
    It is better to stick to the bloogers in your favorite list, men .7arag men darou et2al me2darou:))

  3. Yeah, I've done the "next blog" button once. After I saw the photograph of tne nude he/she I STOPPED. I look at blogs that are blogrolled on blogs I already like, or that belong to commenters whose expressions seem to make sense. Now I can't remember how I came here.

  4. It must be your good luck ;)

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog. Was I one of the freaky ones? Ha,ha,ha.

  6. Hey Jewel, no way, you have a nice blog.

  7. i like the next blog button in fact *thought i've took it off from my blog ;) *
    but i get to know some other interesting things about people..
    i remember that blog about teaching japanese for begineers.. and the other to discover korea....

    sometimes u wish to get out of the egyptian bubble we've enclosed our selves to :)

    btw: i tried wht you wrote about "Recent Posts - Comments Count " but it didn't work with me.. do you think is it for the gray matter comments i am using?

  8. it hears, queria darte thanks for your visita.Como llegasta to my blog? and that seemed to you this? since beams a analisis of some? cuidate much, a kiss.

  9. Blue: So you tried replacing the code in the side bar by the one below? What happened then?

  10. Tarek, the more I tried not to laugh, the more I laughed. Funny post. :-)

  11. Tarek,

    its my first time on your blog, it very interesting and quite nice.

    i used that button a few times, and i never bumped into anything interesting, and i went through alot chinese ones and their funny little

  12. tarek, i did it, i did it..
    howa coz of the codes r abit different than normal blogger codes..
    i have to add it twice ;)

    thanks for the tip.. i was looking forward to add it long time ago :))

  13. Charismatic: Welcome here and looking forward to know your opinion. And yeah you're damn righ about those Chinese Girls Blog toons :)

    Blueue: Well done, and if you have any other ideas, just tell me and I try to find how it can be done. Blogspot template editing is really nice and easy as well

  14. Imagine how boring the land of blog would be if all our blogs were the same.