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24 October 2005

Doom, The Game & The Movie

Since it is Ramadan here, and no one goes to the Cinema, then let me try writing a short review on this week's U.S. Box Office. Most of us used to play that id-Soft's video-game called Doom. It was a first person shoot'em up game. Now a film version of it has topped the US and Canada box office. Doom has succeded to move the Horror movie The Fog to the fourth position. Charlize Theron's movie North Country came in the fifth position, the South African actress's movie was relased this week a little while after Charlize-Cook famous butt kissing on Jay Leno's Tonight Show. In the second and third positions there are two movies one based on a true story and the other one is an animation movie respectivly and I don't like both. Tags: , ,


  1. doom was not the first FPS, there where many before it and the most famous is tab3an wolfenstien 3d

    you just came late

  2. Who said Doom was the first First Person Shoot'em up game !!??

  3. hehehe ... aha I mean first-person and not first game.