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10 October 2005

Gr33nData Country Share

This is the distribution of my blog visitors by their locations so far.
  • Egypt: 30%
  • USA: 26%
  • UK: 8%
  • Canada: 7%
  • Emirates and Germany: 3%
  • Australia, Bulgaria, and Pakistan: 2%
  • Others (Fiji, Denmark, Romania, Israel, India, France, Poland, etc.): 1%
So what does these percentages mean an way. I think that the majority are Egyptian because I am Egyptian and many topics here have something to do with Egypt, also 'coz of blog aggregator that my blog is included in. Then comes the Americans who form the majority of the Internet users. It is also noticed that after Egypt, there are USA, UK, and Canada who all are English speaking countries which is the language of my blog here. It is disappointing that there is no users from any Arabic or middle eastern countries except Emirates with a tiny percentage of the total visitors. Tags: , ,

1 comment:

  1. This is quite an interesting distribution of visitors. When it comes to building readership in Arabic and Middle Eastern countries, perhaps your friends can come up with some additional networking opportunities for you.