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06 October 2005

Yom Kippur

Today is the 32nd anniversary of the war, where Egypt has restored its own land - Sinai - that was occupied by Israel 6 years earlier. May Allah bless our country and protect it from its enemies forever. Tags: , , , ,


  1. If you hadn't attacked Israel in the first place you never would have had to have begged them to give it back to you. That's what happens when muslim armies attack infidels - they get their ass kicked...

  2. Flanstein, if you didn't notice although you are not welcomed in our blogs, still(TILL NOW) no one ever tried to insult you or use your the vulger language you're using. That is because, we, Muslims and Arab in general, know how to respect people of other relegions. We know how to argue without being offensive. My advice to you is to stop pushing your luck and to learn to use your brain instead of letting others wash it.

  3. Flan: It seems that you know nothing about history ... and you dunno that Israel has occupied Palestine in the first place
    Wonderer: I diagree with you ... he is sure welcomed her to make us laugh on him.

  4. "Muslims and Arab in general, know how to respect people of other relegions"

    Perhaps the biggest lie ever told...

  5. Islam in general, knows - or even dictates - how to respect people of other relegions.

  6. islam knows nothing and offers the world only hate, violence and poverty...

  7. And where on earth did you get this valuable opinion from !!?? Did you read the Quraan and know what it is all about, or you are just repeating some phrases you heared from here and there like a parrot !!??

  8. Everything I need to know about islam I read in the news - headchoppings, women-stonings, child-torturing, terrorism, Jew-hatred and the grinding poverty common in islamic nations. Islam is a pestilence on mankind

  9. You read in the news about muslims - even a small group of them - and not about the islam itself, and that's you main fault.

  10. The people who practice the religion ARE the religion. Head-chopping, women-stoning, OTHER-hating sacks of islamic crap

  11. Hi Flan, didn't I tell you earlier that you know nothing about history. Members of IRA and ETA are christians however christianity do not order people to kill each other. And the same thing here with Salafi's who claim that killing people is part of practicing Islam, while they know nothing about Islam the religion of peace to all mankind. Finally, as I told you earlier try to read more about Islam before accusing it by thangs that are not true and repeting others opinions like a parrot.

  12. "Members of IRA and ETA are christians however christianity do not order people to kill each other."

    Do you really not understand the difference between people who kill on BEHALF of their religion and people who might happen to belong to a religion and kill for other reasons? What religion other than islam exhorts their adherants to kill?

    "Unless we go forth, (for Jihad) He will punish us with a grievous penalty, and put others in our place" (9:39)

    The WTC, nightclub bombings, execution of hundreds of children in Russia. the beheadings, destruction of religious sites, suicide attacks against civilians, slavery in the Sudan, the Madrid and London butchery, persecution of Christians in the Philippines and Indonesia, and islamic religious leaders calling for the destruction of Israel and America each and every Friday all have one thing in common.

    All of these crimes are brought to you in the name of the Religion of Peace™

  13. Hi Flan, Once more proves that you repeat stuff without knowing their meaning. Jihad is mainly for defending and not attacking the others as you claim. With respect to the terror attacks you stated, those who committed them claimed that they did so in the name of Islam, and it is their right to say whatever they want ... but it is so clear to anybody that what they say is not true ... And you may refer to versus of Quraan "That who kill someone, is like killing everyone", and many other similar ones to know what I mean. Also there are many Islamic scholars who stated that killing innocent people is a huge mistake. Just use your mind please before accusing people.

  14. "those who committed them claimed that they did so in the name of Islam, and it is their right to say whatever they want ... but it is so clear to anybody that what they say is not true ... "

    Yet who is the most popular man in the islamic world - by far? OBL!

    Who celebrated wildly on 9/11? The islamic world.

    And you have the gall to tell me islam is about peace?

  15. First of all, who told you that OBL or UBL is the most famous one here !!? Second, what does fame has to do with this, I think that Paris Hilton is more famous than the Pope :)
    The problem is that you still cannot differentiate between people and thoughts, beliefs and believers.

  16. Interesting.

    Wikipedia claims that Sinai was _given_ back to Egypt by Israel in exchange for peace. Pacifist propaganda?

    Anyway, Israel did NOT occupy "Palestine" in the first place, Arab forces did. In 1949 Arab forces invaded and subsequently occupied the Arab part of Palestine. Jordan and Egypt then lost the lands to Israel in subsequent wars (started by Egypt).

    Perhaps the territories should be given back to the Arab Palestinians?

    But isn't it true that when the territories were under Arab control, they were used as staging grounds for attacks on Israel? Perhaps Israeli occupation has done more for peace than Arab occupation?

    As for Muslim tolerance for other faiths, where can I see it? I do not doubt that it is possible, but it seems to me that a mosque in Israel has a much higher chance of being left undisturbed than a synagogue in any Arab country (except Bahrain?). I think what you mean is that Islam WAS very tolerant in the past. But at the moment it seems to me that Islam is in the stage Christianity was in 500 years ago.

    If you want Islam to be a tolerant faith, do something about it.

    And even though I do not share many of Flanstein's sentiments (I believe Paris Hilton is more popular than OBL in the Arab world), his point about attacking Israel is true. If you want peace, don't attack your neighbours. It's so simple, it's impressive how some people don't get it. Don't celebrate some war you fought, celebrate the peace treaty.

    And most importantly, don't blame Israel for the occupation of Palestine. Gaza and the West Bank were occupied by Egypt and Jordan FIRST and then lost to Israel. What Egypt and Jordan did to the Palestinians was wrong, but it cannot be blamed on Israel.