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14 October 2005

Blog Comments - Back Links

Leaving a comment after reading a blog post is good for creating cyber-relations with different bloggers, as well as informing the blogger that there are others reading his/her blog. But one more advantage of comments is that they are also back-links, i.e. links that points back to your original blog. I have noticed this after seeing my site statistics lately to find that a big percentage of the visitors have been redirected there from my Blogger User Profile, which means that they have reached it through a comment I have posted here or here. Tags: , ,


  1. I like people to comment to my post. At least you can feel that someone cares to read your post. In fact I visited your blog more than once, but, I didn't leave a comment. I felt that your blog is too hi-tec for me:) It is full of links and complicated info, that I find very hard for me to understand. To tell you the truth, ana met.3aza for being ignorant of HTML:)) but I will do my best to learn it, any suggestions?:)))

  2. I like to leave comments too. It's not that tech one all the time. There are posts about Egypt, Arts, and may be Politics as well. I try my best to post whatever is in my mind here. And you may just ask if there is something tht is not clear.
    By the way, the ultimate post in your blog, is about you being tagged, and actually I dunno what's the meaning of that. See you know tech stuff more than me :)

  3. So you don't know what is tagged ... :))) Now I am the Miss hi-tec :)))

    Anyway, Tagging is a sort of a chain-blog. I don't know who started this, but the idea is: you write 5 random things about yourself, and you name 5 more bloggers to do the same thing. In that way, we will be able to know more about each other. This will give a familiar air to the blogging world. The person who invented that called it "Kluukked". I have no idea if it is a term or just an invented word too:)))
    So, now I am tagging you to write 5 random things about yourself:))
    BTW, all the ppl in my blog have been tagged, in case you're interested in reading their life details.

  4. Yep Tarek .. I'm one of those people who're visiting your blog because of a link on a comment :-D

    Btw "kluuked" is the icelandic for tagged..

    see u around

  5. Hi me !!!
    Btw, your name is very confusing
    It's nice seeing you here and thanks for the klukk info and i'll reming to tag you as soon as I respng to wonderer RFT - Request for Tagging

  6. I know that my name is confusing .. realised after I started using it and it was too late to change :-l some bloggers call me "Meme" to make it less confusing ...

    looking forward to read the "5 random things" about you ... i've been tagged and done mine already btw...

  7. I dunno, but I feel this tagging thing as a girlish thing :)