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28 January 2007

I Want to Buy a dSLR

I decided to buy a digital camera. Actually I used to say "Who needs a digital camera when his mobile has got one". But after seeing many wonderful shots in Flickr, I became more excited to buy one.

So, I started to compare options, prices, etc. I starting reading camera reviews, and comparisons between Point and Shoot and dSLR's. I started to visit sites such as Ken Rockwell. Then I came out with a conclusion, that I'd better get a dSLR. I like the Depth of Field effect, especially in portraits. I like to have a camera with good manual controls, and upgradeable lenses. I am not going to buy a digital camera everyday. So why not get a good one from the beginning.

Canon and Nikon are the two major players in the dSLR field. But since dSLR's are really expensive, I think I'd better buy an entry level one which has most of the needed option for someone like me, who never had a camera before. My options were limited to the following, Nikon D40, Nikon D50, Canon EOS Rebel XT (350D). By the way, my friend JPierre has got Canon EOS 350D, and he helped me a lot in this. Anyway, I think Nikon is cool, and has got more options with better price. So I ended up with the D40.

Now, the most important question, "Where can I find dSLR's here in Egypt?". I went to Carrefour, but it seems that the salesmen there know nothing about dSLR's. Then I found an authorized Nikon dealer here in Egypt, but it seems that they have an anti-phone policy, they never answer their phone. I went there to their office once on Saturday, but it seems that their holiday is the same as mine, so no way to catch them. Last week I attended a lecture in Shooting Club about DoF, and after it I asked the instructor where does he get his Nikon equipments. By the way, I think he's got a Nikon D200. Anyway he gave me the address of another dealer called El-Shennawi in Degla Street, Mohandeseen, and I went there today, but he does not have either D40 nor D50. He has D70s with about L.E. 5600 and D80 with L.E. 7000+. I also found a used Canon 300D with about L.E. 3500

PS. If you think this post is pointless, then you are damn right. I just wrote it for the sake of the links in there, and in order to share my experience with you.

PS. Canon has got their own resellers here in Egypt too, but I haven't visited them yet.

PS. If I am going to get a P&S, then I'd choose from Canon PowerShot A540, Canon PowerShot A710IS, Fujifilm FinePix F30, and Casio Exilim EX-Z850. They all have advanced controls, such as Aperture Priority, Exposure Setting, etc. And I guess anyone who wants to learn photography has to buy a camera with good manual controls.

PS. One cool thing to do before buying a camera is to go to Flickr's Camera Finder and see photos taken with that camera.

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  1. Hi Tarek, that's a very interesting post, especially for me. I have been using SLR for ages (ya3ny 4 or 5 years), and I can't wait to upgrade for a DSLR, but I always think that it is a little bit too much to spend that much money (from 3500 to 6000 LE) on a mere hobby, and DSLR are made for paid pro. So so far I am using a double approach, I use my manual SLR for high quality/artistic photography (landscape, portrait, micro,,,) using my father's Minolta and his collection of lenses (it is from 1970s but work just fine if we excluded some dust on the lenses), and my friends brought me a point and shoot digital BenQ on my birthday, so I use this for general photos and it is small so I leave it always in my bag.

    Now, what I want to tell you is that for me buying a DSLR is a normal next step action as I am already familiar with manual SLR, but I guess you'd better get a cheap used manual SLR (around 600 or 700 LE), it can be totally manual like mine, or semi manual; and then if you think that you have made a profound love for photography, then head for the DSLR, I can help you with contacts if you like. Just let me know.

    (BTW the normal digital camera (like my 6 MP BenQ) is not that bad, I took some photos with it and I'm quite satisfied with the results, they don't have this wow effect, bas aho ahssan men mafish, my photos are on flickr:

  2. TAG you're it!

  3. I bought a digital camera a couple years ago and i either dont know how to use it or it sucks because when i look at pics on flickr I always think, why dont my pics look like that. Its not the actual images its the clarity.

  4. Hello fellow bloggers, here is an excerpt from an article I found to be quite interesting:

    In January 2007 Olympus released a new model, the SP-55OUZ, which seems to be the prodigy of this line, being a lot more performing than the previous model, the SP-51OUZ. The main characteristics of this camera are the image stabilization, 7MP resolution, and the 18x optical zoom range. The Zoom market became quite competitive and the model in discussion competes with other high quality models, such as Sony H5 or Panasonic FZ8.

    This new Olympus camera is supported with Olympus Master software and AA batteries, has internal memory and xD picture card slot, over 20 scene modes, 25 language options, RAW and exposure modes, super macro mode, and 7.1 Megapixels. The SP-55OUZ model is not a small camera so some may not prefer it because of this, but taking into consideration its qualities, the size is not at all an inconvenient. It is similar in many ways to the Canon EOS 1Ds digital camera

    Another great digital camera is the new FinePix S4700 from Fujifilm. This model is the optimized version of the FinePix S4600 model, which was voted last year as the European Zoom camera of 2006 by the most important European association of electronics consumers. The new model is compact and lightweight, has 10x optical zoom lens, Fujifilm Intelligent Flash system, having several scene selections. Its menu system is highly improved and it is ideal to carry with you anywhere, since it can be easily operated with one hand.

    The most significant changes FinePix S4700 has over its predecessor are the ergonomic design, reduced proportions, improved ISO sensitivity up to 1600, new flash modes and a 7.1 Megapixel CCD sensor.

    Sony Cyber-shot DSC-g1 is another great digital camera recently released on the electronics market. The G1 model, in particular, is Sony's first wireless digital camera, which has 2.0GB of internal memory, 6 megapixel and a 3.5 inch LCD with a 921,000 pixels resolution screen – similar stats to the Canon PowerShot S50. This model has the ability of sending photos wireless to other digital enabled devices such as laptops, palms, PCs or cameras. Reviewers say that Sony G1 model is the perfect take away digital camera, since its internal memory is pretty generous.

    Hope you found this to be a good read,


  5. 'Canon and Nikon are the two major players in the dSLR field.'

    Gotta love all of this tired CaNikon snobbery, as usual. I'm glad Michael said some to the contrary.

    CF-only doesn't sound so great. I'd hate to have one of those pins break off, like a Ritz Camera rep was telling me. And who do you think supplies Nikon's sensors...?

  6. Tarek,
    Would you advice, from where I can buy Lens,Filters to my Canon S5 IS in Egypt

  7. @Samer, I got my Tripod, Camera Bag and such accessories from a shop called El-Shennawy in El Mohandessein near Shehab St. And I think he has lenses too.
    Also, there is a shop called Antar in down town, however I don't know where is it.

  8. Oh, Tarek
    I appreciate your fast reply

  9. Tarek,All

    I went to El Shennay , and I wanted to share their contacts hope it helps any1
    Tel: 33369136,76227136
    Mobile : 0127816656

  10. hi there. i landed here via google because im currently looking for camera shop which have dslr. anyway they do have dslr at carrefour but only d40x and it cost so much more compared elsewhere.

    anyway, enta bitakalimin englizi helwa giddan!

  11. ZS,
    Again I recommend contacting the Shenawy store, they sell a very little higher than Amazon for example
    and if you care to check all of the good photography stores in Egypt, as I have been through that
    check this link

  12. hi tarek..iam study in egypt and i would like to buy a nikon d90,but i dont know the right place n i dont even know the price here..i can buy from my country bu iam kind of stuck her may be for 2 years more before i can return to my ownland..i wanna buy it soon coz there's many nice place here n i dont wanna miss it..did shenawy store got nikon d90+kit lens and other accessories like bags or something..i'll appreciate if u can servay the price for me since i was new in egypt..(never been to mohandeseen)..syukran..

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  14. hi gys i need a used slr where can i find it for an afordable price my e-mail is

  15. please i need to buy a nikon d7000 its price in US "amazon" around 1500 usd for how much i can have it from meshawy can any one support in this please


  17. Actually I used to think likely I have mobile then why should I buy a digital one?
    The possible answer that changed my thoughts is the result of mobile camera.
    In many photo sites like Flickr, photographer use huge mega pixels camera to capture the beauty of nature.