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04 January 2007

Fake Memories

Last year, in my birthday, I got this memory stick as present. I don't know if the image above is clear enough, but SONY's logo is printed on it, and it is written that it can store up to 8Gig's. I couldn't believe that such huge storage exists, but when I plugged it in my PC, it was clear that what they wrote about its storage is true. I used it to store small text files and it worked fine, till I tried to backup my Emails (2Gig's) on it. It stopped working then. Later on, one of my co-workers offered to fix it, and guess what, it came out that its capacity is only 64Mig's, and it is not manufactured by Sony as well. And the Chinese company that made it, added a software there in order to fool the user's PC and appear as if it is 8Gig's.
Really mean Chinese apes!!

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