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20 January 2007


You sure have been tagged before. You are supposed to answer some questions, and then tag some other bloggers - ask them to answer the same questions - after you finish. I normally prefer to tag different people every time I receive a new tag. For me it is a way for introduce new bloggers to my readers, as well as getting to know new bloggers. I just pick random bloggers. But sometimes people are rude enough not to answer your tag nor even apologize for not answering it. That's why there should be some written Bloggetiquette out there.
Anyway, I am in the anti-blogging mood now, and you sure are smelling a silly-posts odor here lately.

Update, 24/1/2007
Advice: Never tag someone you don't know again. Sometimes they come out to be real freaks and/or a$$ holes.

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  1. Tarek I don't agree with you sometimes it's not intentional to skip a tag or something, It's just some people don't like tags, some others may not be in the mood or have answered the questions some other way b4 in old posts so they feel they would be boring, and may be the tag isn't interesting for them...
    There are so many reasons other than ignoring tags on purpose.

  2. I do agree than some people just forget the tag "or more accurately repress the idea" .. but thanks god, People do answer my tags..

    I answered ur tag after all and you thought I was a girl!! I am still in shock!

  3. In my case, there was a long delay in my responding to my tag because I hadn't visited any of my blog friends in a while, including you.

    Cheer up. Don't take it personally.

  4. nice blog..will visit again :)

  5. ur getting us defensive :P;)
    and tare2..what about other kinds of manners..