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05 January 2007

Egyptian Police Brutality

Seems that we are going to see more videos regarding the unstoppable Egyptian police brutality this year.
Get away with it.. If you're one of can get away with it easily ;)
Them...stand for know!!
And it...stands for any thing from a parking ticket that will be torn to pieces...up to any hit and run accident...
Wanna live that free...guiltless...powerfully?? Simple... If your dad is not one of can!!
Join the academy...or any of their forces and starting your first year there you'll be having some influence around their departments...
See how simple it is...
ohhh...can't pass the physical? too short?? Something else?? I have a solution for that...get yourself hooked with one of their girls...but shoot high...let her be the daughter of some big shot captain or something...
I gave you all the tips...
Will you take care of my driver's case?? you know...the drugs weren’t his!!
you will? :D..
From: E-Nadaha/Paradigm-Shifters

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Update, Feb 2007.
There are some rumors that this specific video - the one included in this post - is fake however the other videos are not.

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  1. Oh my god ... that is absolutely aweful...
    :( I couldn't watch it without almost having tears in my eyes .. absolutely savage! and disgustingly inhuman

  2. Enta shoft 7aga, da fih 7agat al3an men keda kaman !!

  3. I've seen the video before. it's zebalah

  4. I can't watch it and i won't..
    I may write about the perverts but i can't watch what they do..

    Hi,qwaider and moey.

  5. I saw since day one when Wael Abbas released it , it is hard ya Tarek I am afraid that is not the problem of the police ,not only the police is brutal but the whole society

  6. Let's wait and see if putting this in public will change anything

  7. It is pretty inhuman .. a couple of weeks ago,I have posted a similar incident with a video going by the title Corruption, it is very disturbing though to see such feeds!