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24 December 2006

The Digital Photography Effect

It seems that phone-cameras and video sharing sites such as YouTube, are the main drivers of events this year. Even Time magazine has mentioned this in their latest issue.

Here in Egypt, the police brutality is a matter of fact. We are somehow used to it, and policemen were never punished for it. Lately people have been exchanging a video taken by mobile phone, showing a police officer sexually harassing an Egyptian driver by putting a big wooden stick in his ass. The police officer was punished by moving him to firefighting department. I know this is not the suitable punishment for such deed, but this is the best we can have here. Also the Human Rights Watch is asking for a trial for the police officer. By the way this is not the only case of police brutality that has been shooted, you may find other videos here, here, and here.

In USA, photos showing Katie Rees, The former Miss Nevada, exposing her breast, and her thong underwear and kissing other young women at a party in Tampa, were enough to dethrone her, and the title was given to the first Runner-Up, Helen Salas, instead.

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