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23 December 2006

No for Xmas Greetings

My Salafy friend sent me an Email a couple of days ago warning me not to celebrate the Christmas, nor even send greetings to those who are going to celebrate it. And if I do so, I'll be "Kafer", and will be sent right to hell.

Those Salafy people have real problems with dealing with others. They cannot accept that people are just different. They also have a severe problem with religion, for them religion is really shallow, and many simple deeds are enough to stamp you as a non believer and "Kafer".

Update, 25/12/2006:
Merry Christmas to you all.

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  1. hi tarek, i disagree with your friend...the joyfull christmas spirit doesn't harm anyone and i don't think there's anything wrong with enjoying it.

    however, i do not like the fact that you labelled ur friend as a "salafy". being a salafy has nothing to do with what he was telling you.

    salafyism mainly revolves around doing all the actions exactly like Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) did and asked for with disregard to the differences between the way we live today and then. that doesn't mean that they ride camels for transportation, it means that they wouldn't let modern politics interfere with their religion for example.

    by referring to him as ur salafy friend i got the impression that salafyism was the reason behind his peculiar request, and that's just unfair to the salafy people...

    hope my message was clear, and keep the interesting posts coming!

  2. @Blue, Thanks :)

    @Omar, This is what they claim, but in fact they mainly revolves around doing all the actions exactly like their prophet "Ibn Taymeyah" did and asked for with disregard to the differences between the way we live today and then.

  3. Tarek...even they cannot accept the different others...they shouldn't be against this...I mean it's called "الميلاد" for some reason right?! it's celebrating the birth of Jesus...and in Islam...he was born and he was a he was a special I can't see anything different between Islam and Christianity concerning the birth of Jesus from Virgin Mary in the cave and the whole's identical in lamma ykalemak bel osloob dah eddeelo 3la afah belneyaba 3anne wes2alo howwa matwaladsh ya 7mar?!:D


  4. Mashy ya Layal, men 3enaya el etneen :)

  5. i think you're being unfair to the salafeyeen when generalizing like you did in ur comment. i know some of them who are very decent people and don't think that way at all.

  6. "their fatwa" referring to who?

    i'm sorry but i didn't see "we're the official salafeyeen opinion" in the link you just gave me.

  7. i'm just saying ur generalizing again.

  8. they have an even bigger problem with rational thinking (which as we all know is a bed3a invented by those pesky christian westerners, nothing we need to worry about here in our glorios oma).

  9. @Alaa, Good point, thinking is bed3a, we shall stop thinking :)

  10. I love this post and the comments. Allow me to be "girly" for a moment. Tarek, you're a dear. Love to you all. And Merry Christmas. ;-)

  11. hey Tarek ,I had the same debate with an American who converted to Islam from 4 years ,married to Egyptian and live
    a sick debate, turned that all what I do is sin ,sin ,sin
    I wonder if they took the email from here
    anyway I asked her and she didn't answer
    our neighbor is a catholic every eid she calls us ,so what we can do ??

  12. oh and Merry Christmas, by the way what if the jews were still an active minority
    the Hanukkah won't be celebrated??

  13. ya know tare2? you suck, regardless of what i think of salafi people ( i too have salafi friends) you should be a little more considerate when talking about their beliefs, and not immitate those who patronize islam by mocking fellow muslims, you can always have a debate with them on a rational level, oh also, i'd be more respectful when talking about my friend (do i have to teach you etiquette too?), i know other muslims like you who pretend to be modern by declaring themselves atheiests or open minded, but unfortunately these people's only concern is SEX on a large level or stupidity and futileness, such a pity you are into IT field. i wish arabs/original muslims were split into more than 2 categories, the one you fall under, and the other that the close minded fall under, and i wish open-mindness was portrayed in useful thing. ok peace.

  14. Happy Holidays... Merry Christmas. :)

  15. I am not with also I am not against salafism, all I can say that they are trying to do the best to be the best later!! (from their point of view), anyway, from my experience and as I have an intimate friend tend to be salafi now, I can say that she quitted tell me "happy birthday" and sure didn't allow me to tell her "happy birthday" in her BD, also didn't allow me to tell her mum "happy mothers' day" in mothers' day, as it's haram and it's not Islamic occasions.
    Hey, Islam didn't prevent us to even create occasions to get more close and more kind with eachothers..whatever, I still respect her and her point of view as I respect all other points of view and we are still friends, but of course not as we used to be before!!