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15 December 2006

Three F's

I caught a flu two days ago, headache kills me, I don't feel like blogging now. You know the three F's, "Fuck the Fucken Flu".

I am now connected to the internet through our neighbors wireless modem. Yeah, I know, I am a thief, but you know, it helps me to relax in bed while surfing the Internet, instead of being forced to sit on my desk.
You know the NTRA is fighting those who share their ADSL connection with neighbors. They are doing some advertisements warning people, that their telephone lines may be subject to disconnection if they do so. Ok, they may track those who use wired network, however it is really hard to do so, but what about wireless networks, how can they prove it!?

PS.1, I want to add another 3 F's, "Fuck the Fucken Flies", I really can't see any reason for such annoying insects to exist :)

PS.2, If you have your own 3 F's, please feel free to add them here.

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  1. salamtak ya basha. Do u have an idea how they track wired networks, if all are connected through router with one 1 real IP (NAT), how to know the number of PCs in a local LAN?

    If there's a way for wired networks, it'll be the same for wireless.

  2. Salamtak:)

    I was a thief too till my neighbor decided to close the connection!!:)

  3. Salamtak ya basha.

    I was preparing an article about war driving in my neighbourhood. :D
    BTW, I am having trouble making D link DWL-G520 PCI work with new kernels on ubuntu 6.06

  4. I have the same Freakin' Flu

  5. @Ikhnaton2, What I meant here is that, if they are going to inspect someone's flat, finding Ethernet cables connecting him with his neighbors can be an evident, which is not the case in Wireless connectivity, where nothing can be proved.

    @Engy, Allah yesalemek

    @Ximo, Allah yesalemak. This will be nice, I think we may locate the open access points here in Egypt/Cairo on Google Earth. A combinations of Network Stumbler and a GPS system can be helpful. Unfortunately I have no idea how to use it with Ubuntu.

    @JPierre, Salamtak ya basha

  6. I hope you get over that flu soon! I was sick earlier this week. sucks.
    I love wireless... At home (in Canada) when I was in the city and happened to have my computer with me, I could just drive around until it found a wireless connection that was not password protected. Not that I like stealing their signal... but if they really didn't want to share it, they could put a password on it. :P

  7. @Laura, let's consider the case, where someone leaves his car with the keys in it, then according to this, it is ok to take it for a ride, right?

  8. Salamtak ya Tarek, try to rest and take a lot of fluids and u'll feel better isA.

  9. hope u feel better! :) been trying to steal off my neighbors but unsuccessful!

  10. does your neighbor know you're using their connection? or are you using it clandestinely?

    i used to leave my connection open until i found my neighbors downloading excessive things (movies, etc.) and i got a warning from my isp to secure my connection.

    you give some people an inch and they take a mile.

  11. Taking a car is just a tad different from stealing a bit of Internet time.

  12. @Nesrina, Allah yesalemek, thanks

    @Fonzy, Thanks, and good luck next time ;)

    @Houston, Nop, I doubt they know their wireless connection is open like this.

    @Laura, At the end of the day, they are both stealing :D

  13. could they tell by the MAC address if it's a router or an ethernet card ?

  14. Hey.. this post touched something inside me.. I am suffering now from this horrible flu, I have been in bed for the last 17 hours ,feverish 40 C , shivering and nose and throat blocked.. i feel a little better now though

    so I will stick with Fuck The Fuckin' Flu