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01 December 2006

Green Data Blog Survey

Rami Sedhom, Iknaton2, has suggested a while ago on Bloggers-Eg, that we create surveys to know how our blogs visitors see them, and what are their opinions about them. Some of the group members suggested to keep those surveys only for Bloggers-Eg members, however I think it's better to publish it here for others to leave their two cents.

Please try to take this survey, and looking forward to seeing your comments.
Click here to start the survey

Thank you in advance

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  1. Tarek, I took the survey... however, I don't think that the criteria upon which the result is based would really be what you are seeking, look to have a blog that looks good, easy to be dealt with in terms of comments and stuff, readable, neat ...etc, even the writing style .. that has nothing to do with why your permanent readers come here. what I personally care the most about the blogs I visit regularly are the thoughts, the content , ideas ... the effort exerted in researching a particular subject, perspectives and interests ... and the most important thing about having a space or a blog is to be yourself and be confident that there is no room for judgment.
    I understand you care about your readers' opinion and that's so thoughtful but your readers wants to read a blog that reflects YOU not them, they already have their blogs :)
    Sorry my dear friend for that long boring comment.

  2. @Nesso, Thanks a lot for your comment, as I told you, it's my blog and I write whatever I want here, however I care about the readers opinion as well.