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30 December 2006

Happy Eid

Al Raheena, Egyptian Movie
Happy Eid El Adha to all of you, and wish you all the best.

By the way, Engy, AKA Donzella, has told me that the post I wrote last November under the name "Happy Eid", it was Eid El Fetr then, is number 6 out of 1,770,000 results when you search for the words "Happy" and "Eid" in Google.

It seems that the Iraqi government has decided to execute Saddam Hussein tonight, after one hour from now or so, on Eid Al Adha's Eve. You may call it the Iraqi government's present - Eideyah - to the Iraqi people. I know that it is sad news for some Arabs here, those who I prefer to call them "Saddam Widows". If you watch channels such as Al-Arabiya , and Al-Jazeera. And if you read those Arabist newspapers such as Al-Quds Al-Araby you will know exactly what I am talking about. They are trying to find excuses, and reasons why Saddam is not supposed to be executed. They accuse his trial , and call it a biased one. They are even saying silly stuff, such as, he is not supposed to be executed in a holiday! They also war the Iraqis that Saddam's execution my lead to more violence in Iraq. I really can't get their point. These people curse every single Arabic leader every single day, they wish to see them all hanged up. So why the hell do they hate to see one of the worst Arabic leaders being punished for his deeds!?

Tonight I went to the cinema to see the movie, Al-Raheena, it's an Egyptian "Action" movie. You know, there is a famous expression used here in Egypt, which is "Kessa Walla Manazer?", it literally means "Script or Scenes?". I think this movie is a scene one. It's director, Sandra Nashaat, is really talanted. I like her shots so much. And for sure the presence of the Lebanese actress Nour there makes you feel happy beacuse God gave you eyes to see with. But on the other hand, the script sucks, as well as the acting there.

Tomorrow there will be a very important football match here in the Egyptian league. It's El-Zamalk vs. El-Ahly, the Egyptian most famous derby. Best wishes for El-Zamalek, my favorite football team.

Update, Injis has a nice review for Al-Raheena movie on her blog. You can read it here.

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