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03 December 2006

Ten Years Chatting

I think most of us started dealing with the Internet in the late nineties, and chatting was one of the main activities people used to do online. You sure remember those old days when we used to remember our ICQ UIN, and we used to share it with our friends, you were also able to search for people by age, sex, and location. Some of you tried stuff such as mIRC and PalTalk which I never liked. Later on, we started to move to MSN, Yahoo Messenger, Skype and Google Talk. It's been ten years since we started to chat with others online, ten years, may be more, and may be less, yet it's a long period. But during those ten years how many real friends did we make out of those keyboard-pals!?
For me, out of those people I knew online, the number of...
Good friends = 0
Just friends = 0
People I go out with rarely = 0
Even enemies = 0
I don't know about you, but it came out that chatting is a good way to communicate with your existing friends, especially those who are traveling, but it sucks when it comes to making new friends.

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  1. Believe it or not: chatting is an important part of my work... Don't think it's entertaining work, when it comes with business chatting, it's not.

  2. Yes, you are right, same here.
    But this is not what I am talking about here. I am focusing on its effect on making new friends.

  3. slap in de face... ouch!
    taib ya green data


  5. @Izzi, come on, I am talking about online friends who turns out to be *real* *life* friends.

    @Sou, Long live the Bloggers :)

  6. If none of these IM programs were available, my self claimed independent self would have been on the next plane back to my parents house and childhood friends .. years and years ago. Instant Messaging is what kept me sane and in touch.

    Never been much of a chatter, but I did add some chatters on my MSN list to stay in touch. However, those have long been deleted.

  7. I won't hate chatting as I know some great guys from abroad because of it but when it come to real friendship it is hard ,you know you already now can hardly find a true friend in real life
    for me I don't know but I feel chatting and blogging helped me to eliminate my fears :)
    I am not that sociable person in real life despite being friendly to people

  8. I don't hate it, but I had greater expectations.

  9. Actually I've made alot of friends via the internet.But then again most of us lived in NYC and we'd all meet up as a group on weekends and hang out. From there we'd introduce our non web friends to our new web friends and viola social circles became wider and friendships grew. For example one of my best friends I met via a chat room when we were 15. I introduced her to my real life best friend and now 9 years later the trio is still inseperable.

  10. You remind me of old know,for a reason I agnore I still save my ICQ # on my mobile, I even don't insole it but I still keep the number:)

    About friends, I was lucky, I have 2 GREAT friends whose I met first online, one 67 yrs old britch man (who is a friend to the family now) and one 30 yrs old Italian guy.

    Anyways, I can't imagine my life without th MSN!!:)

  11. I first used ICQ to chat with my best friend who moved to Canada for college. I was never into random chatting, mostly to stay in touch with my friends..