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09 December 2006

A Late "Thank You".

Ahmad Humeid, a Jordanian Blogger, and one of the founder of itoot, made to following comment on my, so called, Anti itoot campaign :)
Let me first say that it a mistake on our part not to respond to people who submit. Sincere apologies for that to anyone out there who has submitted his/her blog and not received a reply.
Let me also say that the the "I am not on toot" button is cool. Thanks for the extra exposure for toot :)
We had many discussions with bloggers over the past months about our criteria. Some of these discussions were quite heated and all kinds of accusations were thrown at us. (Jordan-bias, circle of friends, political direction, etc etc).
We know we cannot make everyone happy. But we probably need to make our criteria/lackthereof clearer on the site itself.
We basically seek to include blogs that add the diversity of our selection. Diversity from the perspective of: opinions, topics, seriousness/sillines, male-female, gepographic.
And let me remind you that what makes blogs os great for many is that you can read about people brushing their teeth sometimes, which is something you will not get in your daily newspaper.
We seek blogs who have been around for a while, that have a loyal audience and good or promising amount of traffic.
There is no "scientific" way to choose what goes on toot, and I am sure our biases as a team sometimes affect our selection.
What we are NOT is a general arab blog aggregator or a technorati replacement.
We recently removed some inactive blogs from toot.
I don't think anyone would dispute that toot aggregates some of the most respected blogs in the Arab world.
Lastly, we are a really small team and we have been very busy with our second product, which is the first Arabic video/photo sharing site.
So frogive us if we have no perfected everything. We hope to become more responsive and that we'll be able to add more blogs to toot soon.
Thanks for the feedback.
Thanks Ahmad for your feedback, however the anti-itoot campaign will not be stopped :-P

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  1. Hi Tarek, why not an e-mail button here so that people can stay in contact somehow? I had a question to ask.

  2. he he he...the revolution goes on :)

  3. @Esraa, You can leave a comment here, and if you want to make it private, just delete it after submitting it.

    @Arima, You are the first one to join the revolution I think, right? :)

  4. thanks for noting my comment.. :)

  5. I think this is Fantastic progress on iToot part, and I seriously wish them better luck in the future.
    I think the point has been made.. and I also thank Ahmad for him taking the time off his crazy schedule to make this statement. Not only for you ... but for everyone

  6. that is a great achievement :)
    we made it :)