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30 December 2006

Zamalek Vs. Ahly, Shit Happens!

As you all know, luck plays a big role in football games. Today El-Ahly beated El-Zamalek 2-1, however El-Zamalek played much much better.

Anyway, congratulations to the lucky Ahly fans.

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  1. someone's bitter :)

    zamalek didn't play much better. it was an equal game. but i have to admit, zamalek played better than i expected..given the crappy circumstances they're in right now.

  2. Shaklak keddah Zamalkawy we haz3al menak:P

    Hard luck ya man :) and yes Zamalek played "a better" game

  3. Yes El-Zamalek played better than El-Ahly, but I see it's worse for you (Zamalek fans), cause it means that El-Ahly still can beat El-Zamalek even if they are in thier worst performance!!
    Hard luck guys;)

  4. and who has the last laugh :)
    anyway hard luck ;)

  5. Happy New Year and Eid Mubarak!