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17 December 2006

Gorgeous By The Media

You sure know that American actress called Halle Berry. Every time her name is mentioned in the media, it is preceded by stuff such as "the gorgeous actress", "the pretty", etc. Come on, is there anybody who really think that she is pretty. For me she is not even average. She is the American version of Sherine Ah-Ya-Leel, ughhhh!!

Sometimes, the media are fond of clich├ęs, and they keep on repeating phrases and words without even thinking. May be the American media have their own reasons to call her pretty. May be they are trying to deliver a message that they are not against colored people, especially with their long history of racism. But what about our local newspapers!? Does the copy-and-paste culture have anything to do with this!? Are they just translating the articles and news they get, phrase by phrase, and word by word, without even thinking!?

By the way, you may think I am racist, and that I don't see her pretty because of her color. But you know, Beyonce Knowles for example, she is colored too, but I see her really hot.

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