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17 December 2006

Gorgeous By The Media

You sure know that American actress called Halle Berry. Every time her name is mentioned in the media, it is preceded by stuff such as "the gorgeous actress", "the pretty", etc. Come on, is there anybody who really think that she is pretty. For me she is not even average. She is the American version of Sherine Ah-Ya-Leel, ughhhh!!

Sometimes, the media are fond of clich├ęs, and they keep on repeating phrases and words without even thinking. May be the American media have their own reasons to call her pretty. May be they are trying to deliver a message that they are not against colored people, especially with their long history of racism. But what about our local newspapers!? Does the copy-and-paste culture have anything to do with this!? Are they just translating the articles and news they get, phrase by phrase, and word by word, without even thinking!?

By the way, you may think I am racist, and that I don't see her pretty because of her color. But you know, Beyonce Knowles for example, she is colored too, but I see her really hot.

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  1. she's not bad looking but i agree ... certainly not THE finest or prettiest sistah out there!

  2. Yeah, as I said, she is blow average.

  3. Hold up, my brother! Even I think Halle is gorgeous, and I tend to be put off by classic beauties.

    If you've seen her body of work (motion pictures), then you'll know that she doesn't always play beautiful women.

    As for Beyonce - yes, she is beautiful, also, and very talented.

    I'm getting burned out on Beyonce right now because she's everywhere. But with the movie 'Dream Girls' coming out, that's to be expected. There was a time when Halle was everywhere. It goes in cycles.

    Could it be that you are more tuned to Beyonce because she is in her mid-20s? Inquiring minds want to know!

    Some men have learned that the "hottest" and most intriguing women are the ones who are a few years older and exude confidence.

    You're entitled to your opinion, but I think attaching the concept of racism to your remarks is misplaced.

    You must have searched long and hard to find such an unflattering photo of Halle. Shame on you! ;-)

  4. OK, I've been thinking. Maybe I understand where you're coming from with the reference to racism. It would be interesting to hear you elaborate on this.

    I will say this: Western society has a long history for promoting fair-skinned women of color as beautiful. Typically, the same status isn't afforded to women of darker hues. Just take a look at who is featured in music videos.

    (I still think Halle is gorgeous.)

  5. For those of us who are uninformed, who is Sherine Ah-Ya-Leel?

  6. @Naomi, Sherine Ah-Ya-Leel is an Egyptian singer, on fact "Ah ya leel" is the name of her first song, and since I don't know her full name, I just called her after her song :)

  7. Imagine my frustration at searching Google for Sherine Ah-Ya-Leel! I guess the joke's on me. :)

  8. Thanks to the link to Sherine's pic. She is beautiful! Now let me understand this. You don't think she's pretty, either??? Whatever. You're entitled to your opinion. Here's to you and Beyonce. LOL

  9. Come on, you must be kidding!
    Beyonce, now you are talking :)

  10. Hi Tarek

    I have decided to end the boycott i which i imposed on your blog :))))))).

    Anyway ya saydina tarek. I suggest that you check the comment i left on Naomi's blogger..........

  11. Gee, I feel privileged that a conversation that started here spilled over to my site. :) Tarek, Amr's comment is under my Christmas post.

  12. I love Hally B .. Most of all her face!