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04 December 2006

Not Me!

Mazen Mason Panzram, a 22 years old male living in UAE. Do you know him!? I don't think so. Guess what I don't know him as well. But it seems that we have something in common. As you can see in his yahoo profile, his homepage *is* my own blog!
What the hell is his point, huh!?

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  1. Kinda strange that someone would do that. Maybe he WISHES that it were his site..

  2. it's pretty weird,, wht r u doing about it?

  3. @Laura, May be

    @ME, Nothing :)

  4. freaky...identity theft...first your blog...then your cards....your life is at risk is the time to ACT!!

  5. @Amira, lol, you think so !?

  6. u should add a warning @ ur blog homepage telling everyone with this identity theft.. protect urself so quick dude..

    c u soon as Tarek NOT Mazen... ;)