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20 December 2006

In a Copyrighted World

Our story takes place in the near future.
The laws related to copyrights have been massively changed.
The giant firms and international tycoons are yet trying to change these law more and more.

Scene #1.
Alice was walking in her flat, when she suddenly saw big rat running there. She used to hate rats, but this time the hated them more, especially when she dropped a glass of water from her hand. After a short while, she heard knocking on her door, she was sure that the police will come to her, but never expected them to arrive that quickly. According to the law, the law of gravity is now copyrighted, and if you drop anything or even if you fall down, you have to pay Newton Sons Ltd. some fees for using the law of gravity that they own. But, since she didn't inform the policy before dropping the glass, she was supposed to pay the fees and be put to jail for one week as well.

Scene #2.
It was Bob's first day to school, on his way, he decided to sing one of his favorite songs, "Humpty Dumpty". Poor Bob, all at a sudden he found himself surrounded by the CSG (Copyrights Security Guards) troops. The mighty guards took the 4 years old kid with them, and he will be locked in a special room, till they set him a trial.

Scene #3.
Eve owns a supermarket. She has to wake up early today on order to remove all the banners and signs with the word "Apple" on them, because according to law, people have to name that fruit anything else but "Apple", because it's a trademark that belongs to Apple Computer Inc. Even the singer, "Fiona Apple" has to change her name according to the same law.

Scene #4.
Tarek is checking the rope around his neck, as he decided to suicide. According to law he is not supposed to download music via peer to peer file sharing programs, he is not supposed to watch movies with his friends, and he cannot tell a joke he listened to this morning because it's, damn, copyrighted.

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  1. :))
    very creative it a lot:)

  2. Somehow your first sad story reminds me of this.

  3. That's very nice & funny .. I love it

    however, I consider copyrighting someone is a courtesy