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09 December 2006

Sitcom, Being Muslim Over There

A new Canadian comedy series called "Little Mosque on the Prairie", is being aired. It tries to explore the funny side of being a Muslim and adapting to life in post 9/11 North America.
[A] young man of evidently Pakistani or Indian origin is standing in an airport line, gesticulating emphatically as he says into his cellphone, "If Dad thinks that’s suicide, so be it", adding after a pause, "This is Allah’s plan for me."
As might be expected, a cop materializes almost instantly and drags the man off, telling him that his appointment in paradise will have to wait, even though the suicide he is referring to is of the career kind; he’s giving up the law to pursue a more spiritual occupation.
The scene unrolls early in the pilot of a new Canadian comedy series called "Little Mosque on the Prairie".
Source: The New York Times.
In fact, I didn't see a single episode of this series, however I think it's healthy to have something like this in the western media, that may replace the Terrorist Moslems stereotype, especially that the writer is a Canadian Muslim of Pakistani origin.

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  1. I will search for it to see it
    it seems interesting