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01 January 2007

Blue07 Tag

It started with Marianne's mail on the group, then Blue and Nesreen decided to tag me. So here you are.

Something to achieve next year
Personal: Move to a better position at work, and find my better half, or halves :)
Political: Achieving further moves towards democracy in our region.

Something impacted me last year
Personal: My grandfather passed away.
Political: Lebanese-Israeli war.

One thing I enjoyed in the group
Personal: Whatever, whenever the time is, you can simply find someone talking on the room, or sending an email. I also think I made many friends from there.
Political: N/A

What I'll miss about 2006
Personal: Nothing, I guess.
Political: Nothing.

Allow me to tag people I don't know - most of them - this time, however I like their blogs.
Forsoothsayer, Fonzy, Hilal, Sugar Cubes, Qwaider, Maxxed`ouT, Houdou Nisbi, LinaE, Carmen, Fluent Thoughts, E-Nahda, Donzella, and Hammorabi.

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