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01 January 2007

Blue07 Tag

It started with Marianne's mail on the group, then Blue and Nesreen decided to tag me. So here you are.

Something to achieve next year
Personal: Move to a better position at work, and find my better half, or halves :)
Political: Achieving further moves towards democracy in our region.

Something impacted me last year
Personal: My grandfather passed away.
Political: Lebanese-Israeli war.

One thing I enjoyed in the group
Personal: Whatever, whenever the time is, you can simply find someone talking on the room, or sending an email. I also think I made many friends from there.
Political: N/A

What I'll miss about 2006
Personal: Nothing, I guess.
Political: Nothing.

Allow me to tag people I don't know - most of them - this time, however I like their blogs.
Forsoothsayer, Fonzy, Hilal, Sugar Cubes, Qwaider, Maxxed`ouT, Houdou Nisbi, LinaE, Carmen, Fluent Thoughts, E-Nahda, Donzella, and Hammorabi.

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  1. hi,
    Nice blog you have here..
    i think i know where are those houses on the header..mathaya2ly eltaree2 elda2ery..lao mesh howa..don't mind my fatye:P
    Happy new year,may it be better than that shitty 2006.

  2. thanks for answering the tag
    but tell me,,, what is there to divide everything into either personal or political?!

  3. @Nahda, I guess so too, however I found them on Google :)

    @Blue, You know, a great blogger like me, shall write about political issues, and not his personal matters only ;)

  4. Thanks ya Tarek for your response, hope this year brings you all what you wish for :)

  5. Same to you Nesso, however I don't know what is it :)

  6. Sorry dude, i'm not into tags!

  7. All the question are confidential in my case, if you like I can Email them :)
    No seriously, I have nothing much to say :(

    Forgive me!

  8. Thanks a lot tarek, I'm not really into tags.. the only one I've answered was about something I was intending to write a post about anyway. moreover, I haven't fulfilled most of my 2006 resolutions yet , so trying to think of what I wanna do 2007 is way tougher now :)
    thx again tho !

    sherif nagib