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12 January 2007


Rami Sedhom (Iknaton2), is one of those who like to discover new geek services and web tools. And Twitter is one of his newest discoveries.
I found a new social service similar to blogging but based on one question: What are you doing now? It's a new Web2.0 site that u can send ur input either directly, through mobile or through IM (GTALK).
Try it here
You just update it by what you are doing at that moment, and your friends are supposed to receive your updates. These updates can either be shown on the web site, or it can be sent to their IM's and/or Mobile Phones. It can be used as a communication tool among groups of friends too.

See my profile here.

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  1. Yaaawwn! :O... and this is blogworthy because?

  2. It can be fun, but you have to have nice friends on your list there, which is the case here.

  3. Nice, i used it in another way on my blog homepage