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09 January 2007

Egyptian Email

Egyptians have their very own definition to Emails.
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  1. Website:

  2. @JP, You know what, I saw the same mistake on a TV show here once

  3. وده يدل أد إيه الموضوع منظرة مش اكتر

  4. Very interesting blog you have here.. I scanned through it and put it on my favorites.. I will read it later cos I am very sick today .. :(

    Keep it up

  5. It happens much ya tarek on tv and in newspapers too, ive seen it many times, its funny omg, and once one of my friends, she kept writing the e-mail in the adress bar waiting for the website :D see the opposite too happens, el wa7ed byshof 7aga !!!

  6. @Shokeir, You have a good point here.

    @OpeRon(R), Thanks, I like your blog too.

    @Pinky, I think it's like what Ahmed Shokeir has just said here.

  7. I actually saw a bus like that sometime ago, over a year now. It was also a tourist/tour thing, but I do not remember if it was the same one.