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20 January 2007

Two Tags in One

Nesreen, the Sailor, as well as Bluelue, Arima, and Rasha the E-Nadaha, have tagged me. Nesreen's tag was to publish a scanned image of my own handwriting. While Rasha's tag was to write five things people don't know about me. And since I am really lazy, I decided to answer Rasha's tag using Nesressn's tag.

I will tag, Marianne, Informer2000, Injis, Sou, OpeRon, Madeeha, Cristina Banu, Deeeeeee, Bakkouz, and Moey.
Note: You may reply on any of the two tags, or both if you like.

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  1. wow.. great handwriting.. and great characteur too :D.. sounds independent

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. nice handwriting in here... clean and clear..


  4. Just as i thought!!
    thanks for answering the tag :)

  5. Truely your handwriting is very neat and nice. mesh 3arfa 7asa enak kont shater fel madrassa :D
    Try to publish the comics that u draw, we wanna see.
    Thanks for taking the tag my friend :)

  6. awwel marra ashouf wa7ed 7'atto 7elw aw 3al 2a2al yet2ere aslan :P
    3agbany el T in Tarek...

  7. The day has come when a guy's handwriting is better than mine. I think I'll shoot myself, lol.

    My handwriting is terrible!

    Just like nightS, I like the way you wrote the 'T' in Tarek too :)

  8. I posted a comment but for some wierd reason it isn't appearing. Was saying how I'll get right on it :)