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12 January 2007

Whose iPhone!?

Any five years old kid knows that Apple products have that "i" thing in their names, iBook, iPhoto, iPod,, iTunes, etc. And the same five years old kid, can guess the name Apple is going to use with their new mobile phones, yes, you are right ... it's called iPhone for sure.
But you know what, Cisco (Linksys) are having a VoIP (Voice over IP) phone, and they call it iPhone too. They are real jerks I know, and guess what, they are going to sue Apple for using *their* registered iPhone trademark.
On Wednesday, Cisco announced it had filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California against Apple, Inc., which it said seeks to prevent Apple from infringing upon and deliberately copying and using Cisco's registered iPhone trademark.
Source: Internet News dot Com
I think the whole iStuff thing is registered to Apple in the first place, and Cisco are the ones who are supposed to call their product anything else.

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  1. YEah, iToot should be sued as well!
    Come on ... They could have registered it if they wanted to. And having an i at the begning was an Intel thing (i386, i486 ...etc) and Apple took it from them

    Anyway... فخّار يطقّش بعضه
    as in ... tear each other apart :)

  2. @Qwaidar, you didn't get my point, in fact I am against that silly suing thing.

  3. I am wiz :D
    ya3ni ... what are we getting either way? cheaper iPhone? Cheaper Cisco routers?!
    ::Talking to self:: Why am I in a negative mood today!? No idea!

    Oh back at you. Yeh, it sucks (both iPhone and suing them over it)
    ::setting negativity dial on low::

  4. I got a stroke when I saw this phone aslan .. it is awesome!

  5. OO ba3deen ma3ak ya Q..:D:D
    fe kol 7eta keda:P

  6. I wrote about that Jewel it is beautiful master piece
    and yes they should sue Itoot for taking the "I" thing
    I am still angry from those guys

  7. I hate that they are being sued. I have a solution :) Apple should call it "ifone"

  8. Check this out.. there may be light at the end of Apple's tunnel after all.

    Apparently Cisco loses the right to the name on 16/11/2005. So basically kol sanna we homa tayebeen.. we elkallam dah ye2olooh fe el2esm. :D

  9. Hey Juka,
    You are right, 3ala ra2y el lemby, 3and ommo ya cisco :)