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14 January 2007

Hasheesh Detained

Dr. Essam Hasheesh, used to teach us Waves in college. He is one of those great doctors that we had there, and I used to like the exams he put, as he focused more on the concepts instead of the unimportant and exhausting details. Anyway, I knew today that he was arrested by the government, in a Muslim Brotherhood related crackdown.
The Brotherhood said that those arrested on Sunday included Mohamed Ali Bashar, a member of the Brotherhood's Guidance Office which acts as its executive, as well as Essam Hashish, an engineering professor at Cairo University.
Source: Reuters Alert Net
I know nothing about his political background, but definitely it is a sad news to me.

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  1. شو حشيش و ما حشيش!! هاي اعشاب طبية

  2. Just like Halal Hasheeh and the Hasheeh family ,I know them ,may be he is related to them
    anyhow you posts are not updated in technorati
    send to their support ,I tried it and it works

  3. about the MB ,well let tell you something arresting them proved to give them more popularity ,and so the regime indirectly helps in beginning very popular

  4. I know it's his name, that was kind of a ... inside-joke..

  5. @Zeinobia, they can't stop being dumb.

    @Qwaidar, I didn't get your joke

  6. Sorry, my bad

  7. They've been arresting lots from the brotherhood lately
    away from a political point of's just that one from those they arrested is the father of a friend, and she's feeling's sad to see her that way

  8. lazy blogger..come on..write something..
    wala a2olak..answer my tag :P